What happened to our new Hognose Snake ?!!

Are you wondering what happened to your new Hognose Snake? Join us on this blog post to unravel the mystery and learn how to care for these fascinating creatures.

What Happened to Our New Hognose Snake ?!!


So, you finally decided to dabble in the world of exotic pets and landed yourself a beautiful Hognose snake. Your excitement brimmed over as you envisioned the fun times ahead, caring for your new scaled companion. However, things took an unexpected turn when your Hognose snake, affectionately named Noodle, refused to eat. What could be the reason behind Noodle’s stubborn hunger strike?

The Frustrating Ordeal

You tried everything in your power to feed the adorable hognoke, but she simply turned her nose up at every offering. In a desperate quest to unravel the mystery of Noodle’s appetite aversion, you reached out to the seller. To your relief, the seller agreed to attempt feeding the snake and promised to take it back if successful.

The Unsuccessful Feeding Attempts

Despite the seller’s best efforts, Noodle remained unfazed by the various feeding methods tried, including pre-killed and live feedings. After numerous failed attempts, you made the heart-wrenching decision to return Noodle to the seller.

The Enclosure Setup Conundrum

One might wonder, could the enclosure setup be the culprit behind Noodle’s hunger strike? You meticulously cross-examined your setup against the seller’s, ensuring all parameters were in place to rule out any enclosure-related issues. The glaring similarity only deepened the mystery surrounding Noodle’s reluctance to eat.

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The Unyielding Hunger Strike

Even after the exhausting feeding attempts and the comparison of setups, Noodle’s hunger strike persisted. It left you scratching your head in bewilderment, pondering what else could be triggering her unusual behavior.

The Pending Feeding Attempt

Undeterred by the setbacks, you decided to give Noodle another shot at eating. With a resilient spirit, you planned to try a different feeding method after a week and documented the entire process in a video to seek answers and share your journey with others.


In the world of exotic pet ownership, challenges like Noodle’s sudden appetite aversion can be both puzzling and frustrating. While we strive to provide the best care, sometimes our scaly companions throw us curveballs that leave us baffled. As you continue on your venture with Noodle, remember that patience, perseverance, and a dash of creativity might just unlock the secrets behind her finicky eating habits.


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