Zendaya On The Set Of Spider-Man No Way Home

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She grew from a teenager to a full-blown adult on the Spider-Man set – No Way Home was an emotional ending to a major chapter of her life. It was also one of the most special experiences she’d ever had, gaining a ton of valuable education and experience while she was at it.
The actress was on set plenty to film her own work and considering how busy the filming schedule can be, we’d think that she’d want to take a day off, but this firecracker instead chose to hang around on set. Zendaya has dreams of directing, so shadowing Jon Watts on a major Marvel set? Well, that’s a masterclass in filming that anyone would die for! The actress is so experienced, far more than many people her age, so her instincts are spot on. One of the best improvised moments came from the actress and was good enough to keep in the final edit. The laughter was plentiful and endless on this set. Jacob Batalon, Tom Holland, and Zendaya essentially just laughed their way through filming, making jokes and poking fun at each other at the drop of a hat. Their relationships were as real as the ones we see on screen between Peter, MJ, and Ned – which did make it a bit difficult for director Jon Watts to keep everyone on task and on schedule!
This actress always brought the party – but that doesn’t mean she gets invited to every party. From the hilarious to the emotional, No Way Home was an emotional rollercoaster for Zendaya – and an experience she’ll never forget.

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00:00 Intro
00:19 Director in the Making
00:53 Bread Improv
01:35 Uninvited Guest
02:27 Helping the Superhero
02:55 Jokester Trio
03:20 The Big Swing
03:44 Caught off Guard
04:09 Awkward Reality
04:31 Spidey Support Team
05:25 Missing Out
05:44 Close to Home
06:12 Emotional End
06:33 Outro

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Edited by: Maite Cambra

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