02. The Return of the Spider – Spider-Man 4 Original Soundtrack

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Music composed by Luca Salis

Original Themes by Danny Elfman

“Every day I think about how lucky I have been.
Ever since I started this “job”, I thought I couldn’t have a normal life in the future. Instead I was wrong.
The city is safe, at least for the moment.
But today is a different day. ”
Spider-Man arrives on the roof of the church. Enter the dressing room, he changes and looks for his dress.
Peter is almost ready.
Aunt May enters the room.
“Peter, I wanted to tell you something before the ceremony begins. If your uncle Ben could see you, today he would be proud of you. I saw Mary Jane this morning. She is really beautiful. I remember when your uncle and I had to get married. I remember your father that day. He made such a large bouquet of flowers that Ben couldn’t get it out of the car! It was a beautiful day anyway. And it will be today for you. ”
“Thanks, May. Now let’s go.”

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