11 More Villains Spider-Man Can Fight Next

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As Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios’ live-action Spider-verse continues to expand, for better and for worse (looking at you, Morbius), it’s almost a guarantee that we’re going to start seeing more and more villains pop up to fight the Web-Head and his friends… even if their presence doesn’t really make much sense. We’ve previously looked at 10 Villains Spider-Man Could Fight Next, but let’s go back to that well and take a peek at 11 More Villains that the Wall-Crawler could go up against.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Morbius
2:26 Chameleon
4:03 Hydro-Man
5:28 Morlun
6:40 Prowler
8:09 Chance
9:18 Jackal
10:35 Spencer Smythe
11:49 Molten Man
12:57 Rose
14:04 Gentleman

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Written by: Matt Sonnack
Narrated by: Matt Sonnack
Edited by: Matt Sonnack

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