25 Things You Missed In The Amazing Spider-Man

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Ah, Peter Parker, the Spider who is also a Man. We all know him. We all love him. Or maybe we don’t. Maybe we agree with J. Jonah Jameson and think that he is the most menacing of menaces. Either way, the guy has graced a dozen movies and several actors in this millennium alone, proving so popular and prolific time and again that there is effectively an entire branch of Spider-filmography that has been mostly forgotten.

But now that there are rumors swirling that Tom Holland’s predecessor might be strapping on the web-shooters one more time to play a multiverse hopping version of the character in the upcoming No Way Home, so what better time to look back and see if we can find some little morsels of Easter Egg content hidden in those films. We’ll discuss all of the little details that writer and director Marc Webb wove into the spider’s web of his take on the web-slinger, from alluding to comics history and locations with the Ravencroft Institute, the George Washington Bridge, and the death of Gwen Stacy, to hiding members of the comic’s rogues gallery in plain site with characters like Alistair Smythe, Felicia Hardy, and Miles Warren.

We’ll also be talking a lot about the references that the films make to the proposed and then canceled Sinister Six film and how they played on references to the comics and a series of novels to do so, plus the secret of Gwen Stacy’s dog and all of the ways that even the props and costuming pay service to the characters and their comics legacy.


0:00 Intro
0:29 ASM2 – Electro Gets the Hose
1:00 ASM – George Washington Bridge
1:26 ASM2 – 1:21
1:54 ASM2 – Gwen Stacy’s Dog
2:18 ASM – Rear Window
2:40 ASM – The Spider-Board
3:20 ASM & ASM2 – The Rhino Rises
3:45 ASM2 – The Vulture
4:21 ASM2 – J. Jonah Jameson
4:55 ASM2 – Green and Yellow
5:28 ASM & ASM2 – The Song
5:51 ASM – In the Ring
6:20 ASM & ASM2 – Aunt May Gotta Eat
6:52 ASM2 – Rhino’s Shorts
7:16 ASM2 – The Spider-Slayer
7:47 ASM2 – Black Cat.
8:09 ASM2 – Shadow of the Jackal
8:38 ASM2 – Harry Osborn’s Villain Folders Full of Villains
9:08 ASM2 – The Ravencroft Institute Researchers
9:38 ASM2 – Gwen Stacy’s Outfit
9:58 ASM2 – Gustav Fiers
10:23 ASM2 – The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
10:47 ASM2 – The Vault
11:19 ASM2 – Hidden Shazam Scene
12:00 ASM2 – Peter’s Paycheck
12:43 ASM2 – Whatever a Spider Can (Bonus round!)

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Written by: Sean Doyle
Narrated by: Grant Kellett @Gtalkstoomuch
Edited by: Caleb Pryor @imklubb

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