25 Tiny Details You Missed In Spider-Man Movies

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Today we’ve got a whole slew of little details from across the Spider-Verse, i.e. everything from 2002’s Sam Raimi original to No Way Home. For example, while in NWH there’s that DITKO graffiti in the background of the roof scene, Spider-Man 2 notably introduces Mr. Ditkovich, a character who I was a little bummed didn’t show up to rent a crappy apartment to Peter Parker. By the way, quick tangent – the question of how Pete is able to afford the apartment in New York bugged me at first, but as some people who’ve actually had the time to watch it again have noted, the landlord specifically says that rent is due first of the month – still, kinda suspect that he’s not asked to, like, seemingly provide anything up front. Not that it really matters – it’s a movie. Just thought I’d mention it ‘cause peeps have brought it up. Also, who knows, maybe he was workin’ the streets. ANYWAY, the point is that Mr. Ditkovich is a reference to Steve Ditko, making him the reigning champ of Ditko easter eggs. And talkin’ TASM, did you notice the cryo-tank being wheeled around after Norman dies? It’s easy to miss, and you might have been distracted by the green laser over Norman’s body, but if you take a look at some leaked concept art it turns out that one of the Sinister Six display cases at the end was originally meant to contain Norman’s cryogenically frozen head as a setup for his return in future movies, presumably that scrapped Sinister Six movie.


0:00 Intro
0:22 With Great Power
1:26 DITKO Graffiti
2:00 Rogers: The Musical
2:15 One More Day
3:33 Spider-Sense
3:48 “Hold Your Horses”
4:49 Peter Parker: Lizard
5:11 TASM 143
5:26 ASM 212
6:34 Spider Strength
6:57 Howard Stark Mural
7:18 Pete’s Colors
7:32 Thanksgiving Threads
8:16 Norman Prosthetics
9:12 Eddie’s Introduction
9:23 Twin Towers
10:33 Mr. Ditkovich
11:25 The Guy from Queer as Folk
11:55 Flash Thompson Cameo
12:20 Venom Surprise
12:41 Spider Skateboard
12:57 Michael Papajohn
13:16 Morbius
13:33 Norman’s Head Games
14:16 Birthday Cake

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