30 Spider-Man Scenes Without CGI

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Spider-Man without CGI looks like a very different movie at times – but what’s particularly impressive is just how much the team actually does – using CGI to enhance effects or remove some of the aids they used on the day. Spider-Man swinging through the concrete jungle that is New York is iconic, but when No Way Home and Far From Home came about, Zendaya did her fair share of flying through the air with her Spider-Man. What we’re all curious about though is how exactly Tom Holland manages to be ok performing while hanging upside down so much!
CGI has come a long way and has made a pretty big difference when it comes to certain villains – we’re talking Doc Ock and the Green Goblin! While in their first appearance Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe wore less than comfortable suits featuring hard helmets and puppet arms – their appearances in Tom Holland’s Spider-man came with a lot less baggage. Turns out, using CGI outfits can make filming a whole lot comfier for actors!
He doesn’t do them all – but Holland does a surprising amount of daring and risky stunts as Spider-Man. CGI was key to making sure everything looked smooth – but with and without CGI some of those shots are totally unrecognizable. Remember a certain scaling of a monument? Since the team wasn’t allowed to film on the actual monument, they made a decent stand-in for Tom to still ACTUALLY scale-up – sure they had to adapt a bit, but they never cut corners. This is some of the best CG there is – so how did they make it happen over the past twenty years? We’ve got all the info you’re looking for!



00:19 Spidey In The Jungle
00:41 Upside Down
00:58 That’s My Stop
01:13 Doctors In The House
01:31 On The Run
01:46 Pyro Time
02:03 Through the Floor
02:17 Off Roading
02:30 The Snowy Block
02:47 In Ruins
03:01 Car Sacrifice
03:17 Spell Time
03:32 Car Hop
03:45 Taking To The Streets
04:02 London Bridge Bonding
04:26 The Elemental Villains
04:41 What Ship?
04:55 Monumental Scaling
05:18 Frozen in Time
05:48 Virtual Soaring
06:04 Spidey In The Sewers
06;19 A Digital Adventure
06:46 Stuck with the Symbiote
07:12 He’s Back!
07:25 On The Web
07:48 Eight vs Two
08:15 Aunt May’s Adventures
08:42 The Train Ride
09:11 New York From Scratch
09:32 Becoming The Green Goblin

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Written by: Thalia GK
Narrated by: Serena L
Edited by: Olena L

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