8 Strongest Marvel Villains Spider-Man Could Defeat

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In addition to being probably the most beloved member of Marvel’s stable of superheroes, Spider-Man is also one of its most accomplished in regards to kicking supervillain butt. And as such, he has quite a few wins under his belt against some of the most powerful baddies out there, both from within his personal rogues gallery, and without.

So let’s go through and take a look at some of the more dangerous ones. Some of the ones that even the entire Avengers roster would struggle against. From a giant fraud to a cosmically powered extreme sports enthusiast all the way to a crimson nightmare, let’s go ahead and dive right into it.


0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Goliath/Atlas
2:18 – Venom
4:00 – Firelord
5:27 – Juggernaut
6:56 – Inheritors
9:21 – Silver Surfer
11:10 – Graviton
13:39 – Red Goblin

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Written by: John Aljets @BenderWaffles
Narrated by: John Aljets @BenderWaffles
Edited by: John Aljets @BenderWaffles

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