Adley’s HAiR SALON and SPA 🛁 Dad gets a Makeover!! Niko’s new Spider Man haircut from cartoon Mom!

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HEY EVERYBODY!! Today me and Niko are opening our NEW Hair Salon and we are waiting for our first customers! We got ALL of our haircut supplies ready like GiANT Scissors, Shaving Cream, and our TV is all set up for our patients to watch shows while they wait! Mom and Dad are our FIRST salon customers. Mom wanted Niko to give her a new hairstyle and Dad wanted me to give him just a LiTTLE trim! Dad got a little nervous when he saw the big scissors so we turned on the TV to distract them. AND we have our BRAND NEW family cartoon to show them, this one is called “Adley’s Hair Salon”! I am SOOOO excited to show you guys this new episode of our 3d animation! My hair salon video was one of my favorites and now we get to see it again but in CARTOON!
I’ve opened my own hair salon and I’m excited to have customers!! I started my day by opening up shop by organizing all my tools and getting my chair ready, Mom was my first customer that came through my door and she wanted me to do her makeup and give her some curls in her hair!! While I was curling her hair I accidentally started her hair on FiRE but I put it out with the spray bottle! Mom was such a good customer that I offered her a job at my salon and she was really excited!! Our next customers were Niko and Dad !! They needed haircuts too! Niko wanted to look like Spiderman so we colored his hair red and put his hair in a bun! While we were working on Niko, Dad fell asleep so we started putting pins on him as a prank!! When he woke up he was so confused!! Then we started to give dad a haircut and we went a little crazy! We sprayed him with water, and we put shaving cream all over him!! He was really messy so we had to wash him off so we took him to our bathing area and shoved him in the tub so that he could rinse off and then all of his clothes got wet! It was so funny to see him that way!! When we were all done Dad gave us the money to pay for his and Niko’s haircuts… but it wasn’t enough so we kicked him out of the salon!
This is one of my favorite cartoons so far!! And we are already working on our FOURTH cartoon!! So we wanted to show you our storyboard! This time is BACK on PiRATE iSLAND but this time with Pirate Niko and Fairy Mom! Our new pixie eggs were ABOUT to hatch when the stinky pirates stole them, so we had to go on a sneaky lava mission to get them back!!

Watch Episode 3, Adley’s Hair Salon, again on the Spacestation Animation YouTube Channel:

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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