Ant Poison. (Read description)

Oh damn look at that Beautiful solid voice armenia Damn yeah so today i'm gonna try this Insecticide powder no not for my Tarantulas For the ends that are outside here so Before this i used another kind Of ant poison which i don't have Over here yeah i don't have it but yeah I used another and poison but then these Black ants they don't Eat those so i'm gonna try this one This is a wait it's a liquid Wait what okay Ew why is it so powdery How is this even What is this oh it's a it's a powder I see it smells like I have no idea so yeah let's go put Some of this Okay so here are some of the ends I'm gonna put the powder over over here Not sure if they'll eat though Okay are they gonna eat it Not too sure but i will put Okay i'm going to put some here as well A little too over much Okay are they taking it I don't know so yeah as you can see So many it's crazy put some over here Okay so these guys if they decide they Want to attack my tarantula That would be the end of my tarantulas Man seriously

Not even joking Wait is that one taking it is that I have no idea but yeah Look at that they don't seem to be Eating it but let's see Because usually if they eat it oh my Gosh Because usually if they eat they will Disappear The next day so yeah let's see Even more actually oh my gosh look at That That's insane man just pour some over Here Oh whoa look at that It's crazy oh My gosh that is insane [Music] I really hope they take it because Yeah insane man The amount of ants hmm Imagine these go into the tarantula room Wait they're actually dying already yeah They're dying Look at that i'm going to wash my hands Don't want to get these Things near my tarantula you never know Now i'm not sure if this is just the Powder to kill the ants Or is it their food that they're gonna Take and return to their nest and Eat it and die i have no idea comment Down below I think it's to kill them straight away

Not for them to eat Because they're pretty much dead It's crazy look at that oh You're supposed to open it like i'm a Genius I'm an absolute genius man i've been Wasting so much