Behind The Set Of Spider-Man No Way Home

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us another incredible Spiderman Movie. Thank you, Disney and Sony Gods! Quite surprisingly, the behind the scenes of Spiderman: No Way Home still look really impressive! And the detail that went into crafting the set is just mesmerizing. Zendaya will tell you just how intricate the director gets with his details. The dungeon under the sanctorum has a handy practical effect going for it. The basement is littered with easter eggs and spell carvings from the Marvel comics. The Sanctum Sanctorum wasn’t even built in New York, and it isn’t even the first time this place has been built. There are some awesome Big Apple connections, however. Check out how they managed to film the very Hallmark-like scene of Tom Holland treading through the snow. Or maybe how he barrelled through several floors to perform one stunt. What’s impressive is the amount of practical effects used on the set! The Statue of Liberty made for one stunning location choice, but an even better location choice definitely had to be Captain America’s shield. The scene with the protestors, you know the part with Angourie Rice’s little cameo, that was shot much more practically than you would believe! That small shot of Tom Holland being shoved against a pillar by Doctor Otto Octavius, that was probably the least realistic of the bunch, but still needed much practical thought. And can we please talk about that bridge explosion? The pyrotechnics that went into that shot! Or how about how Doc Ock was flinging all those cars around like they were Hot Wheels! That jump from the big rig with Tom Holland And Zendaya also looked pretty spooky. Benedict Cumberbatch is surrounded by cool set pieces and practical lighting effects while Doctor Strange casts his spell. Take a look, it’s super cool!



00:00 Intro
00:19 The Spell
00:55 The Cars
01:42 The Bridge Explosion
02:12 Up Against a Pillar
02:40 The Protestors
03:14 The Statue of Liberty
03:44 The Floors
04:08 Outside the Sanctorum
04:46 Sanctorum Snow
05:38 The Dungeon
06:25 Donut Shop Snow
06:44 The Jump
07:12 Specificity

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Written by: Kydra Ryan
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: V.Serhii

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