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Hello! There is a great chance that this is your favourite character – Spider-Man. If so, congratulations, as today you’ll see him in action as a car. Not just a car, but train thomas the tank engine with spider-man head – Spider-Man the Train as giant & small cars. Their task is to destroy another train thomas, but curse made him look like a spider. On the way to him there is an obstacle – unfinished road, which cars have to overcome first. Will they succeed and stay untouched? Maybe, but there is another thing… A giant portal trap. If a car enters it can be transported into ANYWHERE and encounter ANY obstacle. Watch to the end to see all locations/dimensions. Enjoy!

Contents of the video:
0:00 – Train & Unfinished Road
0:50 – Choo-Choo Batman vs Giant Lava Pit
1:34 – Thomas with Ball Wheels vs DOWN OF VENOM
2:33 – Charles Monster Truck vs Trembling Bridge
3:28 – Thomas the TANK vs Giant Bulge
4:17 – Trains vs Giant Pit
4:33 – Choo-Choo Wolverine vs Spikes
5:13 – SpongeBob vs Thomas & Pit
6:15 – Bus Eater vs Leviathan Axe
5:54 – Choo-Choo Lego Hulk vs Spinning Roller
6:57 – Trains vs Giant McQueen

Thank you guys for being here.πŸ’—More cars videos and train videos:
➜ Crashes –
➜Choo-Choo Charles in –

The game I played- –
Official game site: (there you can download the game)
Official mods repository: /

Stan Lee Signed Amazing Spider-Man #107 Comic Book

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