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Due to the big spider infestation at my home I also have loads of wasps. These amazing insects are the perfect spider killers. This video details a wasp loading captured spiders into a mud cell. This process took around 5 hours to perform.

Generally, wasps / spider wasps are parasites or parasitoids as larvae, and feed on nectar only as adults. Many wasps are predatory, using other paralyzed insects as food for their larvae. In parasitic species, the first meals are almost always derived from the host in which the larvae grow.

To capture a spider, the wasp grabs it and stings it into submission. The venom from the sting does not kill the spider, but paralyzes and preserves it so it can be transported and stored in the nest cell until consumed by the larva. A mud dauber usually lays its egg on the prey item and then seals it into the nest cell with a mud cap.It then builds another cell or nest.

The wasp seen in this video are not aggressive, but be careful as some wasps can be highly dangerous and pack a nasty and very painful sting. Unlike a bee a wasp can keep stinging without dying.

I have had a big spider in the house and the video will be up soon. I just need these beautiful wasps to keep the numbers down. I have seen loads of wasp activity during summer so hopefully this is the perfect way to do home pest control of the giant spiders I have coming into the house.

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