Biggest Differences Between Every Spider-Man

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With three iterations of a live action spider-man, there is bound to be some big differences between them. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland all played the wonderful role of Peter Parker’s Spider-man and each of the actors have channeled a different take of our web slinging friend. In each of their respective movies, each has shown a totally different style of what Spider-man can be. With No Way Home web slinging into the box office records, it arrives as no other spider-man movie has before. A multiverse-centered plot, numerous villains and all 3 spider-men coming together in one movie. Seeing the three spider-men side by side really highlights something bigger than just how long the spider-man films have been around that we grew up on. It also shows just how different Tobey, Andrew, and Tom’s Spider-men truly are. This got our brains going, what are the big differences between the spider-men? Let’s dive deep into all eight of the live action Spider-man films. Please forgive me, Miles Morales, we will get you next time.


0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Gwen Stacy
1:34 – Tobey’s Personal Struggles
2:28 – Andrews’s Cool Side
3:13 – Tom the Teenager
4:11 – Web Abilities
5:06 – Tobey’s Suit
5:47 – Andrew’s Suit
6:12 – Tom’s Suit
6:52 – Tobey’s Main Villains
7:37 – Andrew’s Main Villains
8:23 – Tom’s Main Villains
9:11 – Tom’s Technology

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Written by: Joe Criscitello
Narrated by: Joe Criscitello
Edited by: Joe Criscitello

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