Can’t believe I finally witnessed it !!!

So i came down and i just noticed that My para haibona you can see she's Actually Kicking hairs no idea why Look at that you can see her uricating Hairs like coming down as she kicks them There's pretty interesting and I have not opened this cage so she is Definitely not kicking hairs In a defensive way that's Very interesting the thing is She she never Wanted to eat so i'm guessing she's in Primo And i think she is making a A wet mat for her to lay down and mold Which is pretty cool i never knew that They Kick hairs to do that i always thought They just make a mat And just lie down but yo look at that She's actually kicking hairs that's Actually Really interesting wow Did you guys even know this maybe it's a Normal behavior it's just I'm just guessing that i just didn't Know it But yeah very interesting look at that You can actually see it in detail Oh she's kicking off the hairs Wow look at that It's amazing and now it's like about 1am In the morning

And yeah She actually may flip over for us I don't know is she gonna do that If she does that'll be Sick because i've never seen a tarantula Flip Over to mold before I've seen them flip back over after a Molt But to flip over man I've not seen that before curious though Is she going to do that i'm not exactly Sure Should we wait here it's going to take a While i think But yeah she stopped kicking hairs maybe She realized that We are filming because i'm using flash And uh it's dark so Yeah i mean she faced this and then she Stopped kicking so i'm Guessing she senses that we are here So yeah um if we were to wait for her to To flip over if she's even going to do That It's probably going to take a while so Yeah i'm not sure if i'll just wait here Or Anything but i'm pretty sure she's going To To mo because it's not very often that She Lays a wet mat like this and she's not Been eating for

A few weeks already so i'm pretty sure She's about to molt So very interesting curious Are you gonna flip now if she flips oh No she's still kicking hairs If she flips man this will be the first Time I have ever witnessed something like That but Yeah this this lassi dora para haibona Is Seven inches in leg span so Oh she's actually still kicking hairs She's a very very big girl Very very majestic she's still laying a Wet man though So oh what are you doing girl I guess now after we shine the light for A while she realizes that we're not a Threat So she continues to kick her hairs Pretty interesting Like what that's pretty cool man Did you guys know about this like you Can you can literally see All her hairs on the ground there you See those dispatches Yeah that is insane What what is she even doing this for Maybe she is like trying to clear her Butt her abdomen so that she can mold I don't know but as you see over here She's really laid like a wet like a like A thing

For her to flip over i think yeah is she Gonna do that i have No idea not a single clue But yeah if she does that would be super Sick Man but she's still kicking hairs no Idea why Comment down below guys why do you think She Is kicking her hairs hmm But i think she is about to mold I can almost guarantee it because Yeah i think she is going to mold over Here Because she laid this this Little slope over here but i'm not sure Not exactly sure if she is going to Flip but if she is That will be so awesome it'll be on Camera but Uh i don't think she's gonna do it now Though because she keeps Rubbing off her fur her Urbicating hairs but it's a It's still even if she doesn't flip over For us It's still a very rare and i don't know If it's rare but for me Because i've not witnessed something Like this before a situation So that is awesome look at that I don't know i'm just i'm just talking To you guys at like 1am the morning Standing over here like standing over

Here Holding my phone up at this tarantula And when i upload this video I'm probably not even gonna edit it i'm Probably not even gonna Cut this video it's gonna be pure raw Footage But come on girl can you please i mean If if you guys do see a Cut in this video after this it's Probably because i stopped the video And resumed but i'm not going to be Cutting it as in putting it into imovie Which yes that Is the editing software that i use Because a lot of people ask me i'm not Gonna put it in there to Cut clips because yeah It's gonna be one take for every clip So yeah she doesn't look like she's Gonna be Flipping right now so maybe we'll wait I don't know should we wait But the thing is i'm afraid that if i go Away and i come back she would have Already flipped I want to witness her flipping like In real life so i have no idea man i've No idea she's definitely going to flip Because look at the The wet matter she's dead she's done Yeah This is the kind of wet mat that it is Used for molting it's not the normal wet

Matte so Very interesting and come on girl just Flip already And also beside her is the other Smaller lasso door a pair of ibana fed It earlier This day yesterday actually since now It's like 1am and we fed it earlier today and I mean early yesterday and it's still Eating This girl come on let's flip on camera Man So yeah i pretty much fed off the Tarantulas Uh last like yesterday no i Kept wanting to say earlier today but no It's really the next day So yeah just wanted to oh this one Didn't eat My blue fang tarantula it's like coming Out over here but then The freaking root is still there hmm Oh skeleton tarantula yeah this one is Currently still Eating so that is a good thing Hmm who else no one's here And over here we have the other uh Skeleton torrential emerald skeleton Never ate her roach Come on man Come on girl flip already what are you Doing what are you waiting for You know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna try

To stack stuff up so i can put my phone On the tripod And try to witness her flipping over Because I'm pretty sure she's going to do that Anytime and i am not going to stand here And just look at her like this It's just going to make my my legs pain So yeah I'll try to be able to stack something Up over here so i can put my tripod and My phone there All right so here's what i've got i've Got the stool over there Wait yeah it's still over there Container container My dust bin and i'll put my tripod up There because that Is the enclosure tripod up here and like Shine down for you guys Okay i think that's a good position Yep just zoom in a little bit and Yeah i think that'll be good just hope That my battery Does not run out my phone battery Because if it does Then ah that would be a waste if she If she decides to like flip when my Phone battery dies That would suck so bad but yeah i'm just Gonna leave my phone over here For you guys to see and i'm gonna go [Music] Upstairs

[Music] Do Do Do [Music] Oh my god she actually flipped oh Oh my gosh yes and i got it on film I knew it you guys i freaking knew it And she was gonna flip Oh my gosh yes what is that that water Droplet on her leg i hope that's not Injury but Freaking yes so Why i don't know comment down below guys Why do you think She took out her hairs before She flipped over i have no idea because Do all torrentials actually do that Before they flip Oh that is awesome man that is freaking Awesome Yes so yeah um Now it's like about yeah around 1 30 i Think I am gonna have to cut this particular Clip because I put it on the tripod and i went Upstairs and just chilled And then i came back down to check and She flipped Hell freaking yeah so yeah um We will come back tomorrow and she Should be done molting By then so yeah good night guys see you

Tomorrow Okay it's daytime now let's check on The tarantula okay so Ah she has finally molted check that out That is awesome you guys so yeah i'm Sorry if you can hear xena in the Background but I have done quite a few molting videos In the past But never have i had a chance to see the Torrential Flip on its side i have seen it flip Over like After they mold they flip over right Side up i'll link that video in the Description Below but yeah having it to flip Like upside down i've never seen that And This video right here is the first time I have witnessed this and i am so happy It's like When that nando chromatus molted and Then it flipped back Up i was really hoping i will catch one Flipping up to more flipping yeah is it Up or down yeah Flipping up to more this right here We have got it on camera which is Freaking Awesome so my molting adventure Is complete i've witnessed them flipping Upside down I also have time lapse video on that i

Will link it down in the description Below And i have witnessed them flipping back To their normal position super happy About that