Cosmic Spider-Man – Most Powerful Lovecraftian Version Of Spider-Man Who Is Literally A God!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man has always been the type to rely on his wits and agility in his fights instead of his strength. Being a super smart guy really helps him out in every situation as he goes against armed villains who are often stronger than him when it comes to brute strength.
But what happens when he gets the power of a God? You don’t have to imagine it, because Spider-Man has in fact, had a run as an entity with godly powers. And what looked like an accident wasn’t even an accident as he was literally the chosen one. Amped with cosmic powers, Cosmic Spider-Man has had his gallery of rogues in a chokehold.
In this video, we will get down to the extent and the mysteries of this insane power.

0:00 Intro
1:20 Origin Of Cosmic Spider Man
5:09 Amazing Storyline Of Cosmic Spider Man
9:06 How Powerful Is Cosmic Spider Man ?

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