Different Types of Tarantula Burrows | AMAZING !!!

There are literally so many kinds of Tarantula burrows let me show you a few One of the most common ones Will be like this histogram is gigas Over here which yeah I mean not here you can't really see her I mean you can't see her at all But her burrow basically goes down here Oh Actually you can't see her that's Awesome there we go so her burrow is Like In there and yep that is the entrance to Her borough it's just like a little Concave to go in and it leads out All the way over here which is pretty Cool Now the second kind of burrow is right Beside her so this here is my large Nether's guinness posa toy And this one basically you can see her As well down there This asian species usually their burrows In the wild as well Or something like this they'll find like A little wood like two wood or Even like without a wood but this one's Like in between two wood And well it's actually one wood yeah It's connected but yeah They would make a small little burrow With webbings On the like the entrance so if there's Anything that walks past there

It will trigger their response and they Will come out and grab their food Now we'll go through most of the Tarantula burrows that i have but my Favorite one will be at the end of this Video so stay tuned The next borrow that we're going to talk About is basically just A cave so you're probably going to get Usually when you when you see like Tarantula care videos They're going to put a height and a Tarantula is pretty much my formica Species green They're gonna make a little burrow down The cave you provide them Some torrentials you provide them a cave And they will not even use it so If your torrential uses it next up is Also Right beside and this is also a similar One i gave her a Little wood over there and she dug Straight down over there so that is Another kind of burrow which is I mean this one i dug it out for her This one i did not really dig it She dug it herself here's another kind Of burrow this is my serato jar darlingy Well basically I just put a little driftwood in here And she made her Burrow like like over here you see like Like this thing over here the background

Is something like this so Below there's like a little groove where The tarantula can go Under and that is what exactly what she Did You can see her legs down there yeah so Basically She made her little burrow over there Which is Under this thing that is coming out my Maculotta on the other hand Is in a turtle shell yes it's not very Obvious it's a turtle shell but It's a red-eared slider shell and it Made a burrow In the shell which is yeah i mean which Is over here but She is right over there you can't really See her because my phone doesn't focus In holes if you get something like a Summer poise polka The panama blonde they'll probably build A Not i wouldn't say this is a burrow but It's more like Yeah a tube tunnel i like to call it uh Yeah you could say borrow because Tarantulas i don't know Yeah um they will build it around the Top over here similar to avix and Look at that she has tripwire over here Trip Wire which is basically just web and if Anything walks here she will detect it

And she'll run Out and grab the food so yeah this is The web of the or I could say like burrow of the summer Boys poker the panama blonde Miss thailand black on the other hand is In Like i don't know a lot of people say That i should put a lot of substrate From this thailand bank but I did that before and she never burrowed But when i did it like this because you See This one the substrate is about i would Say five inches four inches And she goes into the height of here not Sure if you can see her But i'll try my best to yeah you're not Gonna be able to see her Her burrow is not really down it's more In So yeah and some tarantulas Will have this kind of burrow which is Basically i Put like a leaning kind of arboreal kind Of thingy like a Wood and they make a tunnel where it's Like they they take all the substrate From the back and from the inside of the Burrow And they pile it to the side so this is The entrance look at that it's like a It kind of follows the incline which is It looks pretty nice and my aircon just

Turned off but that's not going to stop Us from making this video now is it okay So for this tarantula the burrow is Basically well she just pretty much Webbed up this whole corner and she is In over there up there you know usually Burrows they go down This one she goes up so i think that Looks really really nice Some tarantulas like malaysia dora per Haibana over here which just Recently molted just look at her fresh Out of her new clothes And yeah i mean fresh out of her old Clothes Yeah but then this girl her burrow is Like Oh man it's like super deep down there Look at that it's like She dug out it it was flat you guys this Whole enclosure That uh hawkins uh what the The floor the terrain i i don't know it Was flat Like the same level as this and she just Pretty much Dug out everything at the back look at That it's like so Deep down there and yep that's her Burrow pretty much Massive burrow for a massive girl i like That there's my curly hair And this one's burro is yep she just Makes like

She just digs all the way to the back And just hides there this right here Is my evicularia species ecuador And that is pretty much her kind of Burrow Tube i don't know what you call this Like a volcano But yeah she pretty much whipped up this Whole place and her only entrance and Exit Is at the back there so she's in here Looks pretty cool Some tarantulas are just just plain lazy They won't make a burrow they'll just Use anything you give them and Just don't dig anywhere like this would Over here On my granostola rosia so now let's move On to my all-time favorite kind of Burrow and that would be my skeleton Oh wait the one on top first the one on Top this is my blue fang tarantula and This Look at this the oh my gosh this is like A little volcano she is In there you can see her legs look at That But yeah this is another kind of burrow She digs down and she piles everything Up and make it like A little cube like an entrance thing at Night you'll be able to see her with the Legs out here Really really nice okay now we can move

On to my favorite kind of burrow which Is Down here and over here well that one's More prominent so Yeah i'll show you this one first so This is my you can see it down there And just recently before this it wasn't Like this But recently she piled out everything Over here and made it like a Kind of like a hill to go into her Burrow which is cool and very similar to That Is my skeleton tarantula which i will be Needing This because you'll see so yeah this is My skeleton tarantulas Enclosure i don't know where she is She's usually here But no she's probably at the back there Nope she's not but yeah i really love This kind Of burrow it comes up and it wepts over Here And pretty much she'll be it's like a Little Tunnel like a tube if i put my phone Like horizontal to the substrate You can see that it comes up and Yep skeleton tarantulas are very very Fond of this i Really really like it there's one reason Why i love absolutely Love the effort puts marinas because oh

My gosh Look at the burrow it's like so Awesomely constructed And it never ever collapses which is so Freaking awesome And the reason i need this is because Yeah she she gathers straight from all Around just to pile this up which is so Cool And i really like how the back terrain Looks as well Really really nice it goes all the way Back and it comes out Over here and over there which is so Cool And yeah let's let's start this thing So the reason i've got some substrate Over here which i'm probably going to Spill a lot on the floor Is because i want to like fill this part Up because you see it's like a little Concave over here it's like a like a Little Ditch over here yeah i want to fill it Up to level it Somewhere around here so it'll look a Little bit more complete which is Exactly What i've done over here just packing it Down a little bit Make it look yeah it looks really really Nice like this i really like it and Yep that'll be it for this video the Main reason i wanted to do this video

Was to just Show you guys that i'm going to be Filling this part up with substrate but That would be too short of a video so Since this one is about a burrow Why not do a video on all of the Different kinds of burrows tarantulas do And that right there is my favorite oh Yeah Another one over here which is my A funnel palma c money this one just dug A hole in the substrate and it's just Living like way in there which i can't Even put my phone down there so Yeah anyways guys that'll be it for this Video hope you enjoyed hope you i don't Know comment down below what other kinds Of burrows tarantulas do and yeah leave This video a thumbs up if you liked it Thumbs it down if you didn't and I'll see you in the next video kind of Out of breath now speaking too fast so Yeah Peace