Fat Juicy GRUB tarantula Feeding IS BACK !!! ~ SO SATISFYING !!!

Okay so we've got some grubs over here So smelly does it even have Curry as well but Okay so we have got a calcoti's female This is my gift for you Yeah it's her first grub that's her First grub yeah So she enjoys that she'll enjoy that Very nicely Oh this is psychotic nice She's a bit skinny so that should just Fill her up Don't judge her We can't see some grub juice on this one Oh no oh wait I thought she let it go Okay She's enjoying it okay this is my gift From me to you okay all right so moving On to the I don't see who do you want to Feed next Lb no Hmm this one is the Turkish eater Right no no no no no this is the other One yeah what's next how about the This one what is this emptiness oh no It's inside the burrow this one this one Is also this is when you open it mascara When you open it she will run in I think No okay okay so just drop it there and Oh yeah Thanks mascara Images mascara nice Oh we've got some juices coming out Oh nice I like I like okay Yeah yeah yeah

What do you want to feed next we've got One two three four five we've only got Seven worms which one okay this poker She should eat the old full craft no oh Crap doesn't want to eat she's fasting Okay so here we go with the worm this Book is usually hungry so let's see if She will like a scrub Hmm Maybe Maybe not I guess not take the grub from you hey That's mine who told you to win you Assume that I just don't want it come on Man I don't want it hold up Okay come on grab it grab it Yeah maybe because he didn't realize the Movement Oh okay yep she got it oh Yeah nice Yeah I remember then one box got 10.7 but the Price is the same I got no discount Exactly so let's move on to the let's Try the earringy why not but the hearing Is she doesn't really it yeah she's She's more on the fasting kind of a Hearing But Try And always try Oh Interesting I think so because maybe

Because their new moves yeah Okay let's see oh she may want it She may want it she doesn't know what it Is it's the first ever grub if the thing Stop moving we have to poke it away Oh look at the thing it's already Opening Yes Nice it's a random bug but she's sitting By the head Nice okay Okay Next Let's see okay this one be careful Because she can run out this the genic Let's just pop it over There we go Okay there we go oh my gosh innocent Birth Instant burst the genic oh my gosh Look at it your airplane is My my coordinator is holding the lid no No you can let go of the lid I'm holding It I'm holding it I don't get paid Oh okay moving on to the next tea which Is I don't know She barely eat yeah oh we'll go for the This one electrical matters electrical Matters and then maybe the last one the Conservatives or no okay here we go for Make to pass a trichometers The Something I don't even know what what They're called Oh

Did she even grab it oh no she's just Mad at you Okay okay But she definitely wants it yeah She wants that threat poster first this Is her first grab first I ever grow up So this is the one that you got from Your friend right yeah so yeah Because she was angry because she Thought the grub was me now the last one Will fit the form octopus oratus Cuban bronze so yeah here we go the Other one Should eat though But we can always try whoa Don't let this thing drop to the bottle This Is okay Maybe she'll take it oh here she comes Here she comes nice oh Um this is so satisfying nice Beautiful All right nice good video