Crap crap [Music] Crap oh my gosh Oh that's not good that's not good Come on man come on girl Oh my gosh Oh my gosh That's not good Oh my goodness I hate myself for this Man this is the problem when Oh i need more cornstarch man Oh man this girl's not gonna survive Oh my gosh crap I'm just gonna oh man Oh my gosh no no no no no Come on girl come on You got this why did you run out like That Sorry oh my gosh Are you gonna come on You can do this Oh my oh shoot Oh my gosh what am i gonna do Man i was just about to drop the roach And she felt the road before it dropped And Crap i don't think she's gonna survive You guys because She's definitely not going to survive This this corn starch by the way It's to stop bleeding but Her abdomen is Man why why'd you have to jump like that

Oh my i really i don't know what to say Right now I'm really like Where's my paintbrush I really have no idea you guys because If it is a Small wound we can super glue it That's got to hurt man I don't know what to do man This is horrible She's already getting very very weak Very very weak come on girl You got this oh my gosh Even if she survives this i don't even Have confidence about her Next malt oh my gosh she is already very Very weak and this is Just in a few minutes i mean You can see her oh my gosh What am i going to do yeah look at that That's that's her abdomen juice She's definitely not gonna survive this She's already very very weak i mean Look at that how she gonna survive that If only i can like turn her upside down And put the cornstarch there Yeah she's very weak already she kind of She can't even walk up There you go very very weak Oh my gosh i hate this so much and the Worst part is I can't do anything i've kept this girl For about five years And this happens come on girl you got

This Come on okay She is very very weak already the only Way to stop the bleeding which When i heard her fall the splat My heart just went My heart just went off just lost Lost of words that's one bad thing about Having Like my setup because Yeah i mean look at how high she fell From Very high oh my gosh she was like right Here i was just about to drop the roach And she came running out because you Know janik geniculatas They're very very aggressive when it Comes to food i managed to successfully Feed this one So yeah And that is the biggest one i have too I'm gonna try putting super glue There's the rupture i'm gonna put super Glue Just to oh and she's still active She's still active that's a good sign I'm just putting Super glue Okay So I hope she'll be fine still pretty okay You can see her breathing Look at that She's still trying to kick hairs at me

All right i think i've Stopped the bleeding there's even super Glue on the floor yeah but I don't care man i don't care just Really hope that she'll be fine You see she's actually trying to kick Hairs at me Hey hey oh shoot Yeah okay She's definitely not very active anymore But i managed to stop the bleeding oh my Gosh Why For a geniculada not moving when i do This She doesn't look very good anymore I managed to stop the bleeding but i Don't think There's anything else that i can do i've Got an enclosure here Put some damp paper towel put her in If she pulls through that'll be good but As for now I don't know man fingers crossed Come on girl you can do this Okay i'll keep i'll keep her in here and She can actually still walk That's a good thing it's a very good Thing Come on what are you doing all right Stay in Stay in come on normal times i wouldn't Do this with a Genitalata but yeah just keep her like