How Spider-Man Far From Home’s End Credit Scene Blew Everyone’s Mind

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Spider-Man Far From Home End Credit Scene and Comic Con Easter 2019 Eggs Breakdown

Spider-Man Far From Home surprised us all this time with such an incredible movie it’s rumored to have actually already won an Academy Award and will continue on into the Hall of Fame for movies. Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the big screen to reprise his notorious role of the Nightcrawler while pretending to be an ex-employee of Tony Stark. As Spider-Man fights bad guy after bad guy, Nightcrawler is always lurking around the corner taking pictures to sell to J Jonah Jameson of the Daily Planet. As Spidey is saving the world he is unaware until it is too late that for the entire length of the film, the Nightcrawler and JJJ have been painting him out to be a villain to the public until he is forced into hiding and a new hero is born…Spider-pig. Can he swing from a web? No he can’t. He’s a pig. Look out, here comes the Spider-pig.

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