I’m actually starting a LOBSTER ROACH COLONY ?!!!

Embarking on a new and unexpected venture, she is commencing a lobster roach colony.


Exotics Lair, a popular YouTube channel known for its captivating content on exotic pets, recently released a thrilling video titled “I’m Actually Starting a Lobster Roach Colony?!!”. The video, created for educational and entertainment purposes only, takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the world of raising lobster roaches. This article delves into the highlights of the video and the narrator’s process of initiating a lobster roach colony.

Narrator’s Journey into the Roach World

The narrator, known for their adventurous spirit when it comes to exotic pets, embarks on a new endeavor – starting a lobster roach colony. The video captures the excitement and challenges of setting up an enclosure for these unique creatures.

Preparations for the Roaches’ New Home

The narrator meticulously prepares the enclosure for the lobster roaches, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for their colony to thrive. Using naturalistic elements such as cocoa fiber and bark, the setup resembles the roaches’ natural habitat, promoting their well-being.

Preventing Escapes with Petroleum Jelly

To prevent any great escapes, the narrator cleverly applies petroleum jelly on the enclosure’s sides. This innovative technique acts as a barrier, deterring the roaches from climbing out of their designated space and exploring beyond.

Hydration Strategy with Water Gel

Hydration is essential for the health of the lobster roaches, and the narrator demonstrates a strategic approach by using water gel. Placed away from standing water to avoid the risk of drowning, this method ensures that the roaches have access to water without compromising their safety.

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An Abundant Colony of Lobster Roaches

The colony showcased in the video comprises a significant number of lobster roaches, indicating a successful breeding and rearing process. The narrator’s dedication and care contribute to the thriving population within the enclosure.

Updates on Breeding Progress

As the video progresses, the narrator shares exciting updates on the colony’s breeding progress. Viewers are taken on a journey of discovery as they witness the growth and development of the lobster roaches within their new habitat.


In conclusion, Exotics Lair’s video “I’m Actually Starting a Lobster Roach Colony?!!” offers a captivating glimpse into the world of raising these fascinating creatures. Through meticulous preparation and care, the narrator showcases the process of initiating and maintaining a lobster roach colony, providing valuable insights for both enthusiasts and curious viewers.


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