Improvised Scenes In Spider-Man No Way Home

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There are a ton of improvised moments in the Spiderman movies, including No Way Home. And the reason for that is actually quite understandable. Spiderman is a lot like a stand-up comedian in some aspects. He doesn’t just have one catch phrase. He is the king of observational humor in the Marvel comics and that isn’t easy to script in a movie! Tom Holland may just have the most freedom to improv, but so do the rest of his fellow actors. They will film take after take of these guys because their improv skills are on fire! We’re checking out the new moment from No Way Home between Alfred Molina and Tom Holland. And in the other movies. Like the moment Tom came up with his brother. We’ll look at the hilarious bit with Ned when he learns MJ knows Peter’s spiderman and how he navigated it. As well as the best scene ever with J.K. Simmons. Would you like to hear about that spicy kiss between one spidey and his girl? Or the DC reference that got slipped into the MCU. Or perhaps the most awkward scenes from Toby Maquire’s time as the spider? Or what ridiculous thing Emma Stone said! Or maybe what two actors basically got to improv all their scenes together. Or how about Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May and how absolutely ridiculous she can be. And what line Stan Lee was not allowed to say. We would hate to be the person to tell Stan Lee no. One thing is for certain, improv has made the Spiderman movies so much better. So say thank you to your friendly neighborhood Spidey characters because they really do make the movies! Check it out.


00:00 Intro
00:21 Fix You
00:57 The Improvised Fight
01:21 Night Monkey-ing Around
01:48 Awkward Hugger
02:09 The DC Universe
02:30 Don’t Wanna Go
03:06 Softer Side of Simmons
03:34 Been to Space
03:55 Awkward Pelvic Thrust
04:29 Going Up
05:05 Spicy Kiss
05:33 Thai Food
06:03 Missing the Mark
06:42 Stowaway
07:05 The London Tower
07:27 Batman
07:45 Bromance
08:18 Free Rein
08:39 Chocolate House
09:09 Dostoevsky
09:35 Outro

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Written by: Kydra Ryan
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: Maite Cambra

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