INSANE NEWS! Tom Holland Next Spider-Man Appearance & Future Is SHOCKING!

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We’ve got some very wild Sony and Marvel news! There are new reports about Tom Holland’s next appearance as Spider-Man, and it’s not what we expected! This also might be the next time we see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man! On top of that, this has major ramifications on what Kevin Feige has planned for Avengers Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars!! LET’S GOOOOO!

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A new report about Marvel and Sony and their plans for Tom Holland as Spider-Man has me VERY excited! We’re gonna break down the report and explain how it ties into Avengers Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars! THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS KEVIN FEIGE WILL DELIVER ONE OF THE GREATEST MOVIES EVER IN SECRET WARS!!

We’ve got new reports about what the MCU plan for Tom Holland Spider-Man is! This is super wild and shows how Spider-Man 4 will be a culmination of ground-level Marvel characters including Daredevil and Kingpin!! We also have updates about what Sony is doing with their Across The Spider-Verse and Sony Marvel Universe of Characters! THIS IS PRETTY WILD!!

Marvel fans, we have to wildest news of the year! Hugh Jackman is returning to the role of Wolverine for Deadpool 3! We’re breaking down the announcement and what this means about the future of the Mutants and X-Men in the MCU!! LET’S GOOOOOO!

We need to talk about new reports about Kevin Feige’s X-Men plan! This is really cool and I want to break down where this report comes from, if we believe it, and talk about the comic books that this will adapt. We’re going to dive DEEP on the X-Men comics that Marvel Studios will be adapting for the MCU version of the team! This includes going over the characters from the comics, the story from the comics, and why this is such a unique and interesting way to talk the Mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Nerds, we NEED to talk about even more leaks of MCU trademarks that we think reveal the next two Sagas after the Multiverse Saga, which ends in Avengers: Secret Wars! Eternity Saga and Timeless Saga are very likely to be the middle and end of Kevin Feige’s 10 year Marvel Cinematic Universe plan! We’re gonna speculate about what we think these phases will be like! Let’s get sweaty!

Marvel fans, we NEED to talk about MCU Secret Wars! Kevin Feige officially dated and named Avengers 5 and 6! Avengers Kang Dynstay and Avengers Secret Wars will come out in 2025! We’re going to breakdown the announcements, talk about how Marvel will set this up over the next few years, and why the Russo Brother are not attached to these movies… LET’S GET SWEATY!! The Multiverse Saga is here…

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