Making the world’s SMALLEST tarantula enclosure!! #shorts #tarantula

I’m excited to share my latest project with you all! In today’s blog post, I’ll be taking you through the process of creating the world’s SMALLEST tarantula enclosure. As an avid tarantula enthusiast, I wanted to challenge myself and design a compact yet comfortable living space for these fascinating creatures. Join me as I dive into the details of this unique endeavor, and discover the ins and outs of crafting a miniature tarantula habitat like never before! #shorts #tarantula


Hey there, folks! Today, I’d like to share with you an exciting adventure I embarked on recently. It involves a tarantula, a mini enclosure, and a whole lot of creativity. You see, I stumbled upon a fascinating video created by Tarantula Kat, where she showcases her remarkable skills in making the world’s smallest tarantula enclosure. Intrigued by her ingenuity, I decided to dive deeper into this miniature world and share my thoughts with you. So buckle up, because we’re about to discover the wonders of the tiniest tarantula habitat!

Heading 1: I’m making the world’s smallest Tarantula enclosure

In this video, Tarantula Kat takes us through the process of creating a pint-sized tarantula enclosure. As soon as the camera started rolling, I was immediately captivated by her attention to detail and the passion she exudes for her craft.

Sub-heading 1: I stole a Critter Keeper for my daughter’s entomologist Barbie

Tarantula Kat humorously narrates how she obtained a Critter Keeper, possibly ‘borrowed’ from her daughter’s entomologist Barbie collection. It’s amusing to see how she repurposes everyday items to cater to the needs of her eight-legged companions.

Sub-heading 2: Adding substrate and patting it down

To create an authentic habitat, Tarantula Kat meticulously pours the substrate into the enclosure, ensuring it’s just the right amount for her diminutive tarantula. With each pat, she attentively smooths out the substrate, creating the perfect environment for her arachnid friend.

Sub-heading 3: Using Cork bark for height and adding a plant for decor and coverage

Tarantula Kat’s creativity truly shines as she incorporates cork bark into the enclosure. By strategically placing it, she provides height and hiding spots for the tarantula. Adding a plant for decoration and coverage adds a touch of flair to the miniature habitat, making it feel like a cozy jungle for her tiny tarantula.

Sub-heading 4: This is a baby aphonopilma Stein doctrinary or ebony tarantula

Tarantula Kat introduces us to her incredibly adorable baby aphonopilma Stein doctrinary, also known as an ebony tarantula. With its delicate legs and fuzzy appearance, this tiny creature steals the show, making us marvel at the wonders of nature.

Sub-heading 5: I won’t actually be housing the tarantula in here, just wanted to see what it looked like

Tarantula Kat clarifies that she won’t be permanently housing her tarantula in this mini domicile. The purpose of creating this tiny enclosure is purely for visual appreciation and the joy of experimenting with her creative side.

Heading 2: The enclosure turned out nicer than expected

As the video progresses, it’s evident that Tarantula Kat has a knack for turning ordinary objects into something extraordinary. Her attention to detail and commitment to customizing every element of the enclosure results in a final product that surpasses even her own expectations. It’s truly commendable how she embraces the idea of thinking outside the box, or in this case, outside the critter keeper!


In conclusion, Tarantula Kat’s video on creating the world’s smallest tarantula enclosure is a delightful journey into the realm of miniature habitats. Her ingenious use of everyday items, attention to detail, and passion for her craft are truly inspiring. This experience enabled me to appreciate the infinite possibilities of creativity and the dedication required to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. So, if you want to be amazed by the miniaturized world of tarantulas, I highly recommend giving Tarantula Kat’s video a watch!


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