Marvel’s Avengers Game | Spider-man DLC Release Date Revealed?! | May be Timed Exclusive?

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Marvel’s Avengers Game Spider-man release date. I wanted to talk about the possible release date for Spider-Man. Because although the developers went into details regarding his gameplay. They didn’t really let us know exactly when he’d be playable. Firstly I gotta give credit where its due. I got this idea watching my boy Laajune’s video regarding this. So I wanna give a big shout out to him for being 1 of the goats in the Marvel’s Avengers community. So definitely subscribe to him for discussions and updates regarding this game. But yeah he brought up some interesting things and I wanna give my thoughts on it. Because this could possibly manifest into something official. If you’ve noticed Sony has been marketing this game heavy and 1 thing they’ve been adamant about is mentioning that PS4 users will have exclusive access to Spider-Man. And this particular info has been re-instated via a sticker on every PS4 case for Marvel’s Avengers. You can even see it on billboards. So those who’re fortune enough to play that particular version will have some awesome web slinging gameplay to look forward to. But yeah, a account by the name of JudeWhite1 made a very peculiar post on reddit regarding a possible release date for Spider-Man. And I put a heavy emphasis on the word peculiar because they could be just be lying to us for a little clout. We’ve already gotten fake leaks of what Crystal Dynamic’s version of Spider-Man’s costume will look like. So we can’t necessarily take this info and run with it as an official confirmation. But what makes me think that this could be plausible is when the user mentions that he got an email from Game UK after they pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers from their site. As you can see it says that Playstation is the only place to play as Spider-Man when he swings into Marvel’s Avengers next March. And this is rather strange because as I mentioned earlier neither Sony nor Square Enix has given out an official date on when we’ll get to play with Spidey.

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