Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | No Trailer for State of Play 2022 | New Update

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marvel’s spider-man 2. What’s going on guys? RBG here, bringing you another video on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Even though news has been relatively scare we’re gonna keep the ball rolling on things we could possibly see this year. I know some of you have been bummed with multiple variables pertaining to this title such as it being exclusive on the Playstation 5. And 1 of the other things you’ve been really frustrated with is the the lack of updates from Sony and Insomniac Games. Which I guess is understandable because all we’ve gotten is a cinematic trailer showcasing the graphics engine and characters. But there really hasn’t been anything on the gameplay which I’m sure everyone wants to see or at least hear about from the officials. Things like the combat and web swinging have been some of the most asked about mechanics. And you also have the lingering question of if this game will feature 2 player co-op or not. Because as you know this game is gonna have 2 active Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 who boasts their own unique abilities. And fans are eager to see how those skills fair when they’re playing alongside other players. So I get why many are eager to hear more about this game. But the devs have been extremely tight lipped. Which is understandable because the game is still in early development, without much prepared with the polish necessary to show off to players. But you guys know how it is, there are still gonna be those individuals who demand answers. Platforms such as Twitter and instagram have made developers ever open to input from the players, and we’re sure Insomniac is not short of demands to know more. Like this studio gets bombarded with questions on a daily basis. I still remember how much they got hounded and accused of being lazy for not including the Raimi Spider-Man suit upon launch of the first game. And when they did they didn’t get a thank you, let alone an apology from their harrassers.

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