Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 | Why It Won’t Be on PS4 | Explained & More!

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spider-man ps5. Yo what’s going on guys? RBG here bringing you an update on Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5. I think its safe to say that December has officially become the month of all things Spider-Man PS5. From movies to video games new and old. Everything just seems to be centering around our favorite wallcrawler. Spider-Man PS5 No Way Home is just around the corner. And Sony and Insomniac just dropped 2 awesome Christmas gifts that we’ll be getting our hands on soon so we’re gonna talk about them today. But before we do that I wanna ask you guys if you could to rate the video. I know its a little out of the norm for me to ask you to do that but YouTube’s algorithm sort of encourages it. So if you rock with your boy and know that you can count on me to give you the real then smash the like button. And if by chance you make it to the end of the video and it wasn’t satisfactory you’re more than welcomed to dislike it. But yeah guys as I was saying December seems to be the month for all things Spider-Man PS5. And if you ask me this isn’t at all a coincident. Sony has done an excellent job building hyped around Spider-Man PS5 No Way Home which is projected to have the second biggest opening of all time right behind Avengers Endgame. Just like the PS5, the tickets have been in high demand and not many fans have been fortunate enough to get their hands on 1. And Sony is pretty much using this hype to pump up their other Spider-Man related business ventures. You guys might remember when we got the first No Way Home trailer they featured the PS5 controllers at the tailend. And I predicted that this was a likely sign that we could get a reveal for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Which ultimately ended up happening.

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