Meet the Red Head TARANTULA

So this girl over here i think it's a Girl it's my bumba kabocla also known as The brazilian redhead She's in her little height over there Let me see if we can see her let me just Pick this thing up there we go there she Is over there she just molted and i'm Currently soaking the mold in the uh Soapy water so we're gonna go quickly Try to sex it and if it's a Female we're gonna be transferring her Into one of these lovely enclosures over Here so yeah if she's a male then Yeah she's gonna stay in here yeah it Sounds kind of sexist but Yeah anyways guys let's go sex the mo Yeah by the way this is a mature male uh Singapore blue I'm going to be pairing him with my Female hopefully it's going to be a Success i don't know we'll try i'm not Sure how long this guy has to live i Just got it from my friend oh Check that out it's super leggy and well Yeah They're not blue i know but singapore Blues has matured meals That's how they pretty much look like Very very dull So yeah anyways let's go and set some More the mold is Still in the soapy water over here i Think it's done so let's just take it Out

So how i usually sex bolts is i have This little What you call this styrofoam box over Here now it's a styrofoam board here Board I just plop the mold on there and i Slowly open The abdomen so how i'm opening the Abdomen is using these two Toothpicks this floss kind of toothpick Thingy and i'm just slowly Working my way through this abdomen over Here and it looks like we have good news Guys it looks like a female check that Out So as you can see over here i'm not sure If you can see i'm not sure if the Camera actually picks it up But you can see i mean you should see These Two little things you see where my Toothpick is focus phone Focus there we go okay you can see these Two things right This thing and this thing these two Black things Yeah this is actually one flat but check This out it is A flap so sorry my phone just doesn't Want to focus Guys so bear with me bear with my phone There we go it's a little bit more Focused there we go That's a flap so that indicates that

This girl Is a female exactly so that is awesome Now she's gonna get A new enclosure so girl you're lucky That you're a female because now you're Gonna get a nicer enclosure so I've taken the enclosure from here right Over here and i have put it on the grass Like Right over there you can see that yep That's the enclosure So let's now take this girl out and get Her re-housed into that enclosure Because It is a female heck here my previous one Her sibling was a mature male which i Paired with remember remember that video I paired it with my friends matured Female and he got eaten Yeah which was pretty sad and i'm so Glad that i actually got a female now Which is sick i mean i have another Matured female which is In here i've rehearsed her in here i'm Not sure if you can see If she should be oh there she is yeah There she is she's big guys she is huge So yeah let's get this girl into her new Enclosure She looks more vibrant than that one i Think that one's pretty old but yeah Anyways let's go let's go let's go Now this enclosure of history is a Little bit sunny yeah the sun

Is starting to come out but yeah anyways What we have in this enclosure is very Very simple we have got some substrate Over here which you guys know what it is Looking good um we have got some pebbles Over here Some nice uh bones uh rocks stones i'm In And we've got a hide over here where she Can go in and chill We've got some plants at the back and Some cocoa husks now let's get her into Her enclosure before it starts to get Sunny sorry my phone's not focused As always huh let's see let's see we're Gonna have to do this Gently because she can be a little bit Bulky let's pick this thing up and Hopefully She doesn't bolt out there she oh my Goodness Sorry about that girl come on these guys Oh She is beautiful check there now that's Why they call them the brazilian redhead Because their head It's pretty much red yeah this is also Known as the bumba Kabocha so yeah let's get this out of The way Hmm how am i gonna do this because these Guys are actually Pretty bulky as new worlds you know what Let's just use this

Uh catch cup thingy it was a water dish But let's see if she can fit Yeah i think she can fit so this is good Let's see let's see she Is doing super well i'm not exactly sure When she molted But not too long ago i guess Whoa come on girl Okay you're a good girl very very gently Whoa she is super leggy i mean as a Female these guys are pretty leggy And uh come on whoa whoa whoa Super beautiful super gorgeous let's Just take a quick look at her When she's on the grass look at that now This is probably what it looked like in The wild Because i mean it's on the grass awesome Looking species Super beautiful i'm gonna have to get Her quickly because she can pretty much Like Run and bolt into those rocks and it's Gonna be pretty impossible for me to get Her out So come on girl there we go whoa She's pretty strong she is pretty strong You guys All right i think she molted like not Too recently which is Good because you don't want to do this When they recently molted because They're still pretty soft She molted maybe about a week ago so

Let's put her into her Brand new enclosure looking good and she Should be able to adapt in this No problem there we go sweet Come on girl be good Be good come on let's go Let's go man tarantulas after they mold They are super gorgeous man They look awesome sorry you guys oh look At that Beautiful yeah all right guys let me go Get the water dish and then we're pretty Much done with this video super quick Man Oh what the famous amos cookies okay Where is the water dishes i mean where Are The water dishes what's wrong with my English where are the water dishes Here are the water dishes and i've just Filled it up if not It will just be a dish and not a water Dish Hmm famous amos cookies Man brazilian redheads i've always Wanted one of these Back then but they were pretty expensive But now I can't afford one so i got one i mean i Have two i just showed you my mature Female But yeah this one should be matured in About maybe Two modes but yeah guys that'll be it

For this video i hope you guys enjoyed Here's a quick little video Um you guys got to see my other Brazilian redhead which I was so hoping to be a female because Her her sibling Was a male and it became a mature male And he kind of like Yeah you guys know what happened so That'll be it for this video guys thumbs It up if you liked it Thumbs it down if you didn't like it i Hope you guys enjoyed make sure you Subscribe turn on the notification bell Yeah oh she's already starting to Explore sweet Sweet let's see where she goes let's see Where she goes she's Oh what a gorgeous tarantula straight Into the height Yeah yeah of course straight into the Height because she was in a high just Now so There we go guys i'll see you in the Next video take care Peace have a good one yo