My tarantula AMPUTATED herself, then died :(

I am devastated to share the unfortunate incident that occurred with my tarantula. Not only did she amputate herself, but she also tragically passed away.


Hey there, folks! Today, I want to share a heart-wrenching story with you that revolves around my pet tarantula, a beautiful specimen of the Thrixopelma ockerti species, commonly known as the Peruvian Flame Rump. Now, I must warn you, it’s not a happy tale, but it carries an important lesson that resonates with any pet owner. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the sorrowful journey of my tarantula, who amputated herself during molting and unfortunately, passed away shortly after.

The Unfortunate Incident

It was just an ordinary day, and I was captivated by the mesmerizing world of tarantula molting. My camera was rolling, documenting this fascinating natural process for my loyal viewers. Little did I know that tragedy would strike. As the molting progressed, I noticed my tarantula struggling with its exoskeleton. Something was off.

The Struggle and the Amputation

In a state of worry, I quickly realized the severity of the situation. My precious tarantula had a stuck molt, and the pressure exerted by its new exoskeleton was unbearable. Sadly, in an attempt to free itself from this confinement, the tarantula resorted to extreme measures. It amputated one of its own legs.

Attempting First Aid

Frantic, I rushed to its aid, hoping to stop the bleeding and alleviate its pain. I applied corn starch, a common household remedy, often used for its clotting properties. However, the damage proved to be too severe. The tarantula’s condition continued to deteriorate despite my best efforts to save her.

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Mourning the Loss

I am devastated to share that my precious tarantula couldn’t overcome this adversity. Shortly after the incident, she passed away, leaving behind a void in my heart. Losing a pet is never easy, and this experience serves as a reminder of the fragile nature of life.

The Purpose of the Video

Now, my intention in sharing this video was never to exploit the suffering of my tarantula, but rather to shed light on the challenges that come with owning tarantulas. Educational and entertaining in nature, this video aimed to provide insights into their molting process, highlighting the risks and fears associated with bad molts.

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Seeking Solutions

As I continue on my journey of tarantula ownership and content creation, I am constantly striving to improve the care I provide for these amazing creatures. However, I am still puzzled about the underlying cause that led to the stuck molt and subsequent amputation. This is where I turn to you, my invaluable viewers. I sincerely ask for your suggestions and advice on how to prevent such distressing situations in the future. Together, we can learn, grow, and create a safer environment for our beloved tarantulas.

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  1. Q: What species of tarantula was featured in the video?

    • The video highlights a tarantula of the Thrixopelma ockerti species, also known as the Peruvian Flame Rump.
  2. Q: How did the tarantula end up amputating its back leg?

    • The tarantula experienced a stuck molt, and in an attempt to freeing itself, amputated one of its legs.
  3. Q: Did applying corn starch help stop the bleeding?

    • Despite trying to stop the bleeding with corn starch, the tarantula’s condition did not improve, and she unfortunately passed away.
  4. Q: What was the purpose of the video?

    • The video was made for educational and entertainment purposes, aiming to shed light on the challenges of tarantula molting and the fear of bad molts.
  5. Q: Where can I connect with the content creator?

    • You can find the content creator on Facebook (@XoticsLair), Instagram (@exoticslair and @exoticslair_gallery), Twitter (@ExoticsLair), TikTok (@exotics.lair), and Patreon (Exotics Lair). Plus, new patrons will be acknowledged in future videos.

In conclusion, the loss of my tarantula was a devastating event, but it provided an opportunity for reflection and learning. Let us remember that owning any pet comes with responsibilities and challenges, and it is essential to educate ourselves and seek support from the community. Together, we can create an environment that ensures the well-being of our beloved companions.