Mystery Spider Nasty Large And Fast What Is It?

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I found a rather unusual large spider on the brickwork after a storm. This big spider looks like a Sydney Funnel Web but I think it’s something different. I study the way this spider moves and reacts to help understand what I’m dealing with. Identifying spiders is very difficult because of the many similar looking styles of spiders that are around. But I think the behaviour of this spider is a huge clue to what it is. It’s acting like a ground hugging spider and has the ability to move at a lightning pace. It also goes into a frozen moment phase and I can spider whisper the spider onto it’s back so we can see the colours and spider fangs. My gut feeling is this is a male Trapdoor spider, but I may be totally wrong. Anyway the audience always know their spiders more than me.

Sydney Brown Trapdoors are usually shy and retiring, although the occasional individual will stand up and show its fangs if harassed inside its burrow. They spend most of the time in their burrows. At night, they are waiting for food in front of their burrows. Mature male Sydney Brown Trapdoors wander during humid weather in search of a mate. Mating takes place within the female’s burrow. Usually the male escapes being eaten in order to mate with several females, before dying. The eggs are kept in the mother’s burrow in a cocoon. After hatching, the spiderlings stay in the burrow for some time and eventually emerge to disperse and fend for themselves. Often mistaken for Funnel-webs, the bites of Sydney Brown Trapdoors are not dangerous. Local pain and swelling may occur.

Video posted as educational, documentary, and scientific and forms part of my Insect / spider study series of videos.
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