Professional Dancer Reacts To Hoshi “Spider” [Music Video]

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For today’s episode of “Professional Dancer Reacts” I react to Hoshi “Spider” Music Video

Hoshi “Spider”

Watch the reaction:

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About Emeroy:
Emeroy is a professional dancer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA.

He’s been dancing since the age of 8 and has been teaching since 2004. He’s danced and toured with international companies such as Culture Shock, Antics, and Movin’ On Up Productions, performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade, LA Sparks, and the LA Clippers, and is a two time City of Alhambra B-Boy Champion, 2017 Prelude Las Vegas Champion, and 2021 MaxtOut All Styles Winner.

When he isn’t dancing, Emeroy runs a digital marketing agency called Vision Paradox. They’ve successfully helped musicians and tech companies build their online platforms, build their email list, sell out shows, and gain millions of views on their content. Their goal is to do the heavy lifting of marketing so their clients can focus on their business.

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