Quadruped spider robot

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Cheap & Quick PCB, 3D Printing, CNC machining and fabrication services from PCBWay – Hi! In this video, I will show you how to make a 4 legged spider robot, in other words a quadruped robot. It is a robot that relies on calculations to position servos and pre-programmed sequences of legs. 3D printing was used to create the mechanical parts of the robot. You can print the parts yourself or order online for 3D printing service.

Source Code and 3D stl files –

Required Components:
12x SG90 Servo Motor –
1x Arduino Nano V3 –
3x Capacitor 100uF 16V –
1x LDO Voltage Regulator 5V/3A (Similar: MIC29310-5.0WT, LM1085IT-5.0, LM323T)
12x Header Male 2.54 1×3 –
1x 6 Pin Self-Locking Switch 8x8mm –
1x Screw Terminal Block Connector 5mm –
1x LED 3mm –
1x Resistor min. 220 Ohm –
2x 18650 Li-ion Battery –
1x 18650 Battery Case 2 Slots –

Required Tools:
Soldering Station –
Soldering Wire –
Wire Cutter –
Silicone Soldering Mat –
Isopropyl Electronics Cleaner – 3

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