Restoration & Upgrade of PlayStation with a Spider Nest Inside

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I will restore and upgrade this broken and yellowed PlayStation. The coinsole doesn’t read discs which is very common and easily fixable issue with these old consoles. I also found something a spider nest from the inside.

During the dissasembly I found the remains a of a spider and a spidernest. It’s very common I find bugs inside these old devices, I’m, not sure why, maybe they’re dark and warm places?

I cleaned the parts with soap and then put them in my retrobrighting box. Here’s my tutorial to the retrobrighting: and tutorial to build the box: Notice that the original tutorial doesn’t need the heater but the lights are touching the box which warms up the solution. Both heat and UV-light seem to aid the process.

Next I installed the upgrade. I got a device called PSIO that allows me to play games from SD cards. This device can onlu be installed to Playstations taht have the Parallel I/O port in the back, not all of them do. You can find the instructions for each board from and full details on how to set it up. All you need is to add files (the manufacturer provides on that page) to the SD card and put your games on the card. Note that some games may consist of multiple .bin files. Those need to be cobined into single .bin files e.g. with CDMage program. This is a failrly simple modifications and fits someone with a little experience, however, you need a soldering iron with quite small tip to be able to solder them.

To fix the disc drive I opnly had to clean the lens. In some cases teh laser has gone old. You can try adjusting the screw I show to give it more life. It increases the voltage going to the laser and if it’s adjusted to the highest voltage at the factory the laser would burn out faster. In this restoration I use similar potentiometer to fix the laser on another Playstation The idea is the same with this one. If adjusting the laser doesn’t work, you need to purchase a replacement part. Or you can just intall an SD card reader and never play games from discs, but I wanted that option too so I repaired it.

Thanks for watching, I hopy you enjoyed the video!

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