Something DEAD in this Cage caused Entire Room to STINK !!

What's up guys so something today smells A little bit off Knot looks a little bit off but smells a Little bit off And what i'm talking about is this dark Earth tiger's enclosure Now i opened this and i smelled Something i can't even smell it from Here like i'm Literally like over here and it smells Really really bad so I'm gonna actually see because i'm not You see did you see that net Yeah and that just flew out so i'm gonna Be getting this enclosure onto the floor And i'm i'm thinking maybe the tarantula Died because i've had this tarantula as An adult Female for i would say around Five six years already and i think It could be dead of old age i i don't Know let's Let's just see because i'm not mistaken They live about in About 12 years so i'm guessing that i Got it as an adult when it was maybe Like four or five years old and then i Kept different Four five years old and yeah so let's See because it smelled really really bad In there Gotta get this on the floor so we can See properly and now i'm thinking that It

Might not be a dead tarantula i'm gonna Be needing my tongs for this and Why you ask why you think it's why why Do i think it's not a dead tarantula Move out the way because i wanna like Just go down like this And that was blocking my way so yeah um Why do i think it's not a tarantula is Because i was looking around just now And i couldn't find anything right and Also Uh there's not a lot of nets inside Because usually when a tarantula dies A lot of nets will be flying in there But today no no Nets i've only seen one or two so i'm Guessing it might not be a tarantula That's dead and also as i was carrying It onto the floor over here I noticed that if you look down That way you can't see because of the Reflection wait wait wait let me just Open this and show you guys so if you Look closely at the back Over there yep that's a dead roach and The smell it actually smells like a dead Tarantula but then again i think of it Because this tarantula It is living in quite a humid and moist Environment so I'm guessing that roach is starting to Spoil And yeah smelling a little bit off there You can see a net over there

There you go you see it right there yep That's a little gnat And it's trying to find its way to Whatever is causing that smell Let me take out this roach and smell it And see if it is this smell Oh man that's that that's oh my gosh i Shouldn't have done that i should not Have smelled that i regret oh my gosh What a smell man The roach is literally it's all bloated Up nope nope i'm getting rid of this And also let me put you guys in here you Can see that the tarantulas burrow Is pretty now where do i even get rid of This Oh man do i throw it out do i throw it In the bin Smell is so bad now since i've taken the Roach out let's just go give it a Quick whiff and see if it's if the smell Is still there Actually very very less not Much smell but yeah There still is a smell but i don't know Maybe i'll leave it in here for me i'll Leave the enclosure be for an hour or Two and come back and smell it i don't Know let's see if it's still in smell Later because at first right i thought It was a tarantula that died but then Again After i found the roach i don't want to Destroy all of these uh

Web and nice burrows just to check if The tarantulas did Yeah i don't want to do that so we'll Leave the enclosure be For a couple hours and then we'll come Back and see If the smell is still there okay yeah i Think that'll be a good idea I'll put the enclosure back where it Belongs first we'll come back in a Couple hours Now the problem i'm worried about is Since we've taken out that roach Which i've put in here and it's still Very Very stinky what i'm thinking is that Maybe the tarantula is actually dead Because i can actually smell it Still i can smell something Dead maybe it's another route i really Hope it's another brooch But yeah maybe it died that's why it Didn't eat the roach and then the roach Died i have no idea because this Tarantula Usually is very very hungry so i'm not Exactly Sure i'm still gonna leave it for a Couple hours it's only been about 20 Minutes and The smell is still there so let's see Let's just wait and also it is the smell Of like a dead tarantula because they Have their own smell you know like

Different animals that die like a dead Rat or a dead A lizard or something they all smell Different and this one smells like it Did tarantula which i really really hope Not And also quick update this obt is still Webbing up her enclosure Very very good progress so far as for This road i'll just probably throw it Into the bin but i'll probably put it Like Right below and cover it with substrate Or something so the smell doesn't like Come up and haunt me uh you see these Freaking mushroom spores Yeah i just i don't know why i decided To grow here and Like not here i mean over here if it Grows here i can still stir it over here I can't access it because the wood is Blocking so I'm just going to have to deal with this Is my singapore blues enclosure by the Way i'm just gonna have to look at this And just Yeah let's just say the mushroom spots Are on the sides right like my summer Boys cambridge over here her enclosure Mushroom sports on the side hopefully She doesn't come running out at me Let's just blow her let her know that It's not food So we can pretty much just stir it up

And It will be good because all these Mushroom spores need is some Aeration like like some airflow and then For some reason they just Don't grow i mean yeah they they only Grow when the Thing is very very saturated with water And less Ventilation what's up with my solar Poise redunkus Like i mean poker it's like oh you can't See But it's at the back there yeah right There you can see on the wood because Usually she is in her web but today she Is Not no idea what's up with her this Tarantula as well like What are you even doing here because her Burrow is actually like Way in there i don't know why she just Decided to like Yeah you see it's not very deep she just I have no idea i'm really hoping that The smell was actually that roach and The smell Sipped into the substrate which is why The smell is still There i don't know but the one way that I can find out if it is a tarantula That's dead Is that well i don't see any roaches Dead now so

If i see a lot of gnats inside tomorrow Yeah i'll come back tomorrow Then we'll know the tarantula's day we Will probably come back tonight as well To see if the torrential because usually At night she will just chill over here So hopefully we'll see her tonight if we Don't see her tonight then we'll come Back tomorrow And yeah we'll see if there's a lot of Nets in there if there is then It's kind of a bad news but if there's No nets then we have hope and yeah i Just want to show you guys that i really Kind of redid this pull cross enclosure Check that out i think it looks really Nice got some snake shadow here It was at the back but then she brought It in front for some reason but I think her enclosure looks really Really nice i got some nice coconut Water Cold coconut water very very refreshing Man i just went out for about five Minutes and then i came back into the Room and i noticed that the room is Starting to smell a little bit Off so i don't think that's a very good Sign because i think also because when I'm in this room I get immune to the smell so i don't Really smell it but then when i go out And back In yeah i am

A little bit skeptical Guys it's now at night and i think i see The tarantula you see over there I think those are the legs yes i think I don't think it's actually dead yo the Legs are gone Which means yep i think the torrential Is alive Oh yeah yep the legs are gone Where the legs go i think the tarantula Is alive Which is freaking awesome yes oh Well why does it still smell i don't Know but yeah The legs were in there the back there I'm not sure if the camera picked it up But yeah the tarantula is Alive i'm so relieved right now Why didn't he eat the dubia though since The torrential is alive i'm Not surprised that there may be another Date roach in there Man these roach keep dying on me you see What i mean All dying on me i mean these are Definitely old aged ones but still Still dead roaches hey get out of the Way So yeah they die in the water Crystal dish and here you have two Roaches meeting Very very go get some privacy you guys But yeah i'm gonna get the dustbin the Bin

So i can throw the dead ones in look at This one it's like the head is gone man These rotors are brutal They literally eat out their whole Friend Damn but yeah they're out of food as Well so Let's go get some food for them now Another good sign that that torrential Is still alive No net inside so i guess that one Particular net Was eating that was feasting on that Roach that dead roach So i guess that's a wonderful sign Awesome sign Let's get the roaches some food and you Will see how Quick they come out it doesn't look like They're just now right But just watch this just pour in some Food over there Look at that look at That that is crazy that is insane now I'm gonna go put this thing back And we'll come back it only takes me a Couple seconds to put this back in here Yeah just put it in here close it up and Let's see how much of roaches came out In that span of a few seconds That's insane man i actually did a video On how quick Roaches detect their food go check that One out

So yeah pretty awesome anyways guys That'll be it for this video hope you Guys enjoyed and i am So glad that this torrential is okay but Yeah as i mentioned earlier in this Video this tarantula this particular Torrential Is pretty old because i got her as an Adult and she was with the previous Owner as an adult so Yeah she is pretty old so i'm not Exactly sure how long she has to live But Thank god she is still alive 1 20 a.m What's up what's up coconuts Okay man i really hope that she is Actually Out and uh No she's not out But i can i can like guarantee you guys That She is still alive because i swear i did See her leg at the back there oh wait You can wait is that a leg i have no Idea But um yeah I can i can i can just guarantee you Guys that she'll still life okay She yeah i'm pretty sure although Well the smell is less now so she's Definitely not dead But on the other hand check out miss Tyler and black oh

My gosh massive very very Absolutely beautiful Oh my blue fang tarantula as well All of them are pretty much out skeleton Tarantula And then the histogram is gigas And oh damn orphanage is full of penis This one's also always usually hiding at The back there but look at her right now I'm pretty sure we're gonna be able to See her in a future video so stay tuned For that i think this video is already Long enough so Yeah we'll end it over here