Spider-Man and Venom vs. Carnage – Spider-Man vs. Venom 4 – Maximum Carnage – Spider-Man Ultimate 7

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The epic conclusion to the symbiote storyline of Spider-Man vs. Venom and Spider-Man Ultimate. This is the story so far; Spider-Man comes into the contact with the symbiote which quickly bonds with him and enhances all of his powers. But the symbiote taps into Peter Parker’s rage and enhances that as well. After Spider-Man notices that the symbiote is changing him he decides to get rid of it and a battle ensues inside his subconscious. The symbiote is ultimately defeated in Spider-Man vs. The Symbiote – Spider-Man Ultimate 3, and Spider-Man gets rid of it using the sound from a bell tower. However the rejected symbiote finds a new host in Eddie Brock and together they form Venom. Driven by their hatred of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, Venom is a nightmare for Spider-Man. Venom easily overpowers Spider-Man and with some quick thinking Spider-Man survives the encounter by using the sound once again to weaken Venom in Spider-Man vs. Venom – Spider-Man Ultimate 4. After several months Spider-Man uses a piece of the symbiote that was left at Dr. Connors lab. Back with the symbiote Spider-Man evens the odds and faces Venom once again in Spider-Man vs. Venom 2 – Spider-Man Ultimate 5. However, Venom’s bond with the symbiote is complete because of the shared rage between the symbiote and Eddie Brock. Peter Parker is unable to match that kind of bond and the symbiote is quick to reject Spider-Man’s use of it. Venom reabsorbs the piece of the symbiote and goes out in search of his spawn while Spider-Man is left behind recovering. In Spider-Man vs. Venom 3 – Spider-Man Ultimate 6, Venom meets Carnage. Carnage is the product of Venom’s symbiote’s spawn and Cletus Kasady. Venom does not partake in the serial killer’s philosphy of absolute destruction and chaos, so he decides it is best to get rid of Carnage. The two leap into action ready to fight and that is where Spider-Man Ultimate 7 comes in.
Spider-Man must team up with Venom, his mortal enemy, and figure out a way to defeat Carnage before it is too late. This combines Spider-Man vs Venom 4 Parts 1 through 4 and is the Conclusion to the Spider-Man Ultimate Series. It combines Venom vs. Carnage and Spider-Man and Venom vs. Carnage 1 and 2.

Venom vs. Carnage – Spider-Man vs. Venom 4 – Spider-Man Ultimate 7 – Part 1

Spider-Man vs. Venom 4 – Spider-Man Ultimate 7 – Part 2

Spider-Man and Venom vs. Carnage – Spider-Man vs. Venom 4 – Spider-Man Ultimate 7 – Part 3

Spider-Man and Venom vs. Carnage 2 – Spider-Man vs. Venom 4 – Spider-Man Ultimate 7 – Part 4

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