Spider-Man Lotus is ruining fan films…

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Controversial mega-budget projects like Spider-Man Lotus are killing the fun and magic of fan filmmaking.
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Spider-Man Lotus is ruining fan films… –
18.85K Views – Sep 4, 2022

Stuff I (probably) stole from Wikipedia:
Spider-Man: Lotus is an upcoming superhero fan film directed and co-written by Gavin J. Konop.[1] The film stars Warden Wayne as Peter Parker, Seth Wythe as Harry Osborn, and Maxwell Fox-Andrews as Tim Harrison. The film is independent and is not associated with Sony Pictures or Marvel Studios.[1] The film’s trailer trended on Twitter, which helped gain exposure for the film.[2] Following the tragic death of his former girlfriendโ€”seemingly caused by his own attempt to save herโ€”Peter Parker (Warden Wayne) lingers in his guilt of the past, questioning whether the curse of his alter ego should be buried for good. When he’s met by the news that a terminally ill child has requested to meet Spider-Man, Peter contemplates the decision to comfort him in his final days.[2] Warden Wayne as Peter Parker / Spider-Man: A 20 years old superhero who has been active for the past five years. During a battle with the Green Goblin, he lost his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, and after that he feels he cannot be a hero anymore. This fact changes when a dying young kid, Tim Harrison, wants to meet Spider-Man.
Landon Konop as young Peter Parker.
Sean Thomas Reid as Harry Osborn: The best friend of Peter Parker, and son of Norman Osborn. His drug addiction will be explored in the film.
Moriah Brooklyn as Mary Jane Watson: The best friend of Peter Parker, who helps with his grief over the death of Gwen.
Tuyen Powell as Gwen Stacy: The girlfriend of Peter Parker, who died during a battle between the mentioned and the Green Goblin.
Maxwell Fox-Andrews as Tim Harrison: A young kid who is dying to due an illness. His last wish is to meet Spider-Man.
John Salandria as Green Goblin: The person responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy.
Paul Logan potrays Dennis Carradine, the man who killed Ben Parker, Peter’s uncle, while Mariah Fox potrays Mrs Harrison, Tim’s mother.

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