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– This comparison is focused on the PC version. For a detailed PS5 comparison visit this video:
– For this video we used a RTX 3080/4080, i9 12900K and 32GB DDR5.
– The PC version supports Ray-Tracing for reflections and shadows, PS5 can only be applied to reflections.
– Ray-Tracing shadows add a more accurate result, better ambient occlusion in some areas and long distance shadows, however, it is a game that lacks day/night cycles and traditional shadows give very good results in any case.
– Ray-traced reflections on PC show some problems when displaying certain textures. This is probably a bug that will be fixed soon.
– PC also has Muscle Deformation by Machine Learning. This technique was added in PS5 later with a patch. Here you can see a comparison:
– Vegetation has better overall quality on PS5 compared to PC.
– Drawing distance is slightly lower on PC compared to PS5, even in RT Performance mode. I don’t know if this is another bug or intentional.
– Loading times are considerably faster on PS5.
– The overall level and performance of Miles Morales on PC is acceptable, but I think it needs some more patching to be perfect.

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