Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 | Takedowns & Gadgets Breakdown | Peter Parker’s Whereabouts

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Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5. What’s going on guys? RBG here, bringing you another breakdown on Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales. We’re moving full force with coverage on this game and we’re only 26 days away from getting our hands on the game. The lucky people over at Game Informers have been blessed with early access to all of the new goodies that come with the title. And they keep teasing us with all the little clips that leave us begging for more. Its like turning on a water facet in small spurts and cutting off before we’ve quenched our thirst bruh. After lacing us up with some awesome gameplay they gave us more details in a lengthy podcast. So we’re gonna talk about it today. But before we do so I wanna give a shout out to today’s sponsor, G2A. If you’re looking for a way to purchase the hottest video games without burning a hole in your wallet you should really consider checking them out. They offer key codes for different platforms such as Steam, PS Network, and Xbox for half the price as the original. Why wouldn’t you wanna take advantage of this deal? I you absolutely lose when you overpay! So go ahead and cease the win. You can do so by clicking the link that’ll be provided in the description box below. So yeah guys Game Informer hit us with 2 back to back videos revolving around Spider-Man. 1 was a gameplay video featuring Miles in the Track suit which will be available to players who’ve pre-ordered the game. And the other was a podcast where they gave their impressions and went into deeper details on what we can expect. Another thing they gave us were information on the story. And if you guys don’t wanna be spoiled on these details I highly recommend clicking off of the video. I’d hate ruin the surprises for you guys even if it’s a small fraction of what the game’s story would entail. But if that kinda stuff doesn’t bother you and you trust your boy then stick around. Because the things Game Informers revealed I’ve already predicted in my previous videos.

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