SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home Deleted Scenes BREAKDOWN – Memory Spell Finally EXPLAINED

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Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Extended Cut features 15 minutes of new eleetd scenes, including footage of Tobey, Andrew, Matt Murdock–and the memory spell is finally explained. In this video we break down the extended cut, and tell you whether or not its worth paying money to see.

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Written and Edited by Colton Ogburn (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
We’re going to break down the eleven minutes of extra footage we got in this extended cut of the film. Including a brand new post credit scene answering a MAJOR question of how the “forget Peter Parker” spell works.

We open with Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Magurie thanking the fans for all their love and support.

Now remember this scene in No Way Home? [clip, Andrew telling Tom and Tobey he loves them.]

Well Tom and Tobey finally tell Andrew that they love him too.

The movie begins and first bit of additional footage we see takes place when Peter is being questioned by the D.O.D.C. following his arrest. [clip, Peter getting arrested]

We see the agents question Peter about the boat incident in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as the Washington Monument. They then question him about the Night Monkey. [clip, Far From Home Night Monkey]

When Aunt May is being interrogated we get an additional bit of dialogue revealing that she has participated in protests in her past. Likely peaceful protests advocating for progressive causes. After all she does volunteer with FEAST which is an organization that helps people in need.

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We then get the deleted scene that featured Tom Holland’s brother, Harry Holland being webbed up by Spider-Man. This scene also includes bystanders arguing over whether or not Spider-Man should still be fighting crime.

One woman says that he can’t do this anymore because he’s a child. To which another person replies “have some respect, he’s not a child, he’s 14.”

Peter says “I’m not 14” which is a reference to this scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. [clip, Tony scolding Peter.]

Other bystanders continue to bicker. One says “I had a job when I was 14” – “My son’s 14, he’s a moron.” – “He can’t even rent a car” – “He doesn’t need a car, he’s been to space.” Which is a reference to this scene in Far From Home. [clip, bitch please, you’ve been to space.]

At the end of this encounter we see someone run up and throw green paint on Spider-Man. Which we did see in the original cut of the film except it was included as cell phone footage in a Daily Bugle news cast.

In this cut of the film we get an additional news cast where J. Jonah Jameson complains that Peter Parker is being allowed to attend school thanks to quote the “city council and Mayor Dingus.”

I’m not sure who the MCU’s New York City Mayor is. But it’s not surprising that conspiracy theorist J. Jonah Jameson doesn’t like them.

When Peter is walking into school for the first time since his identity was revealed. We hear a kid say “he was my lab partner, did anyone know that?”
Now I went back and watched all of Peter’s classroom scenes in Spider-Man Homecoming and I can’t find this kid anywhere.

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Next we get a scene with Peter in gym class where his pro-Mysterio coach and the rest of the gym class are chanting for Peter to climb the wall. And when he does, the room goes silent. And then we hear the coach say “look at that sticky bastard go.” And then we hear a student call him a freak.

We then see Peter walking down the hall and a young woman exclaim that he is “so cute!”

This character looks A LOT like Jessica Cambell from the comics who had a huge crush on Peter Parker. Jessica Cambell of course went on to become the popular Marvel character, Jessica Jones. Her parents were killed in an explosion and she was adopted by a family with the last name Jones.

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