SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home – NEW High-Res EASTER EGGS You Missed the First Time!

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally out on digital, and we have re-watched the movie SEVERAL times to find brand new Easter Eggs we missed in our first video. There are a ton of connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and future Sony Spider-Man movies.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Srinidhi Rao, Ryan Arey, and Randolf Nombrado

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0:00 Spider-Man No Way Home Easter Eggs
3:26 Jonah’s Studio Easter Eggs
4:02 Media and Peter’s Arrest
6:11 Daredevil in the MCU
7:08 Happy’s Condo and Comics Tributes
10:07 Dr Strange’s Sanctum New Easter Eggs
11:26 Dr Octopus Fight New Details
12:23 New Details in Strange’s Basement
13:13 Tobey Spider-Man Parallels
15:03 Mirror Verse Fight
17:39 Aunt May Death
18:13 Tobey and Andrew Return
19:56 The Final Battle
21:13 The People in the Sky
22:35 End Credits Explained

The opening scene picks up where Far from home left off, recreating the end credits scene almost exactly. But, they added a very specific detail in no way home. MJ is now wearing these shards of the balck dahlia necklace, that is so important in no way home. Even after she forgets Peter at the end, she is still wearing this necklace, showing that a p9ece of him will always be with her–and that is foreshadowed in this scene. Now this could be because of mephisto [bees] or it could be that we’re actually seeing a variant of MJ, where everything else in this universe was exactly the same as the MCu, except for the necklace…or she just had the necklace tucked into her shirt.

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And of course, this happens [what the fuck cut off] and all three home spider-man movies cut off the f-bomb [clips]. Immediately people in the crowd ask [text on screen are you spider-man’s girlfriend]. This action sets Peter’s entire story into motion, as everything he does in the movie is to protect her from his kind of harassment. But also, asking her this question foreshadows the ending, when she no longer remembers that she’s spider-man’s girlfriend.

While he’s web slinging, we can see banners for fortnite, and also the playstation–because sony mad ethos movie and they always plug their gear

It’s interesting that Peter is surrounded by people who are trying to remember the heroes, and he just wants them to forget. IN fact, he ends the movie by causing them to forget a hero–himself. Which also coincides with the destruction of a symbol of their remembrance–the fall of captain america’s shield.

Also, notice this billboard that says “electrify your journey.” This is foreshadowing the arrival of electro–and it’s even in times square, where electro first appeared in Amazing spider-man 2.

He ends up taking MJ to the top of the queensboro bridge, which we pointed out was the setting for the climax of spider-man. Like the electro billboard, this is foreshadowing the return of a spider-franchise. Now the roosevelt island tram is also visible, just like in spider-man.

But think about how these two situations are opposite. The scene with the cable car showed new yorkers coming together to help spider-man. But in this scene, it shows new yorkers helping to tear him apart. In spider-man 2, people make a point to protect his identity. While in this movie, in the age of social media. People can;t wait to expose him and invest themselves in this narrative.

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Again–this opening scene is like showing social media brought to life.

Back in his apartment, Peter puts on his i survived my trip to ny shirt from spider-man homecoming. But this isn;t just an easter egg–in this moment, he’s glad that he has survived new yorkers trying to get a piece of him.

Now on Jonah’s wall there are a few details that you can only see in high resolution. ON the left there is a daily newspaper that is actually from after Peter’s identity is revealed. [the one with the 3 of them]. How did this get up there? I assume that Jonah printed it off the internet, before it went to physical press.

Here’s something weird. In the digital release, this flier was blurred. But in the movie, it was not. Mephiosto confirmed.

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