Spider-Man: The Series | Smallville Style [Season 10]

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Changes from Season 9:
– Style has been modified to reflect the tone of the season
– Harry Osborn has relapsed back into the identity of the Green Goblin
– Kraven the Hunter has exited the series (to be explained in the story posts / edits)
– Robbie & Betty have entered the main cast
– Eddie Brock has exited the series following his death in the hands of Kraven
– Liz Allan-Osborn has entered the main cast (for context, Harry has been married to her since Season 7, and they are currently raising their son, Normie Osborn. More details will be revealed in Spidey.Feed’s notes posts)
– May Parker has exited the series following her peaceful death
– New clips have been added to reflect the season’s events

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