Spider rope indoor plants, a plant with great healing properties, 5T1 ideas

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Spider rope indoor plants, a plant with great healing properties

Spider plants are called with many different names such as orchids, spider plants, hook orchids, … belonging to the family Asphodelaceae with the scientific name Chlorophytum Bichetii. This plant originated in Africa and then bred in many places with tropical climates such as Vietnam, Thailand,…

This is a herbaceous plant, characterized by growing in small bushes with a height of 40 – 50cm. Orchid has only 1 short rhizome that develops into a large fleshy tuber that can be separated from the stem.

Spider plants have 2 types, long-leaf orchids and striped-leaved orchids. For the long-leaf spider plant, the leaves at first glance look like chives, not as beautiful as the striped orchid. So the striped spider plant is more popular, especially in home decoration. The striped spider plant has leaves that grow close to the ground, are green, and have two white bands along the edges. Besides, the leaf shape is spear-shaped, elongated at the tip.

Spider plant has a fast growth and development rate. Orchids grow in clusters and are usually small. Orchid genus has light purple color, 6 petals, some types have white flowers. This is a shade-loving plant. If in a place with a lot of light, the temperature is too high, the leaves will wilt, dry and lose their bright green color, which often turns yellow.

* Uses of spider plant in medicine

Spider plant brings many benefits in human life. In medicine, spider plant has the ability to support the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as indigestion, diarrhea, dysentery, … by the unique root. In addition, the stem of orchid also has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, eliminating swelling and dispersing inflammation, … In addition, pounding the stem of the spider plant to cover the wound will have the effect of healing quickly.

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In addition to the healing effect, the spider plant also has a magical air purifying effect. Trees can absorb up to 95% of carbon dioxide, process toxic substances released by electrical devices, and convert carcinogens in the air into sugars such as formic aldehydes. In addition, the spider plant also has the effect of decorating houses, planting a very beautiful balcony

* How to grow and care for spider plants

– Techniques for growing spider plants
Soil for spider plant should be porous, rich in nutrients, with good drainage. You should choose loamy soil with a pH of 6 – 7.5. Besides, you should mix more manure, coir or rice husk ash to increase soil nutrients as well as aid drainage.

Once you have the perfect soil, you can start planting. You can grow plants in pots or grow them in your garden. Note that you put the plant in the middle of the pot or in the middle of the dug hole. Then you gently press the soil to fix the plant, stand upright and then water it moderately so that the plant can land and grow well.

You should not water too much when planting a new tree because the roots have not yet attached to the soil and absorb water normally, which will easily lead to root rot and plant death.

* Techniques to take care of orchids

When you have completed the planting step, you need to note some orchid care techniques such as:

– Light
Spider plant is a plant that likes cool, partial light, so you should put the plant in a place with light, just enough to prevent the tree from wilting and drying.

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– Planting land
Plants are not picky about soil, but the soil for planting must be humus, rich in nutrients and well drained, with a pH of 6 – 7.5.

– Country
The soil must be kept moist so that the spider plant can grow and develop normally. Do not use water contaminated with alum to water plants, you should replace it with rain water or water in the house’s jar.

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