Spider Scales Tutorial for the Ukulele (warm up exercises)

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A friendly coworker of mine who plays guitar gave me a very interesting fingering warm up technique for the ukulele that he uses on the guitar but he adapted it for the uke for me. Thanks Patrick! So, I learned to play it and I’m sharing it with all the ukulele players now. It really breaks up “the hand” and the fingers learn to operate independently. I need to work at it more myself but it’s great for finger dexterity. I called it “Spider Scales” since it’s like a spider going up the fretboard. These are the best points from a fan:

4:19 Practice 1

5:21 Practice 2

6:43 Funny Part 8th and 12th Fret strum

7:09 Demo

Ukulele: new Martin 2k tenor

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