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This is a FAN MADE trailer.

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Ever since the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been campaigning for the completion of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man trilogy. He stated in No Way Home that he had stopped ‘pulling his punches’ after Gwen’s death, hinting that he had a darker era which would be the perfect time to have introduced the symbiote Venom! We would see the struggles he faced following ASM2, mourning Gwen and questioning his morals, only to then be met with a new, black suit that would take Peter down an even darker road…

Following the end credit scene of Venom appearing in No Way Home, fans have speculated that Tom Hardy’s Venom should come face to face with Garfield in his universe.

Do you think Sony will make The Amazing Spider-Man 3? Could will finally get to see another Spider-Man wear the black suit??


The image of Spider-Man in the thumbnail is an awesome piece by Carpaa:

Huge shoutout to these AMAZING fan edits of Spidey in the black suit!

– Zack Reichgut:

– The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Fan Film:

And also to RuinedFilms for their Black Cat fan film:


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