The Tragic Failure of The Last Alfa Romeo Spider

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The “939” generation #AlfaRomeo #Spider was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2006. The model was a close derivative of Giugiaro’s Brera, so the #Pininfarina input on the design was, of course, limited to the rear quarters and the canvas roof, which folded away electrically in just 25 seconds. I must say that, back then, I wasn’t entirely convinced of the final result, and I appreciate it much more now.
Like the Brera, the Spider was initially available in two powertrain configurations: a front-wheel-drive 2.2 liters four cylinders and a 3.2 V6 with permanent “Q4” all-wheel drive. Both units were developed under the Fiat-GM Powertrain joint-venture and used existing GM aluminum blocks mated to specific Alfa-designed cylinder heads, featuring variable valve timing for both intake and exhaust. Both engines failed to impress potential buyers, though, and the addition of Fiat’s inline-five turbodiesel during 2007 didn’t improve matters. Like the Brera it’s so closely related with, the Spider was misunderstood in period and sold poorly as a result: just 12.488 examples were ever made, and it’s a real pity, as there’s a lot to like about this Spider. Relatively spacious and very comfortable, it’s a stylish cruiser rather than a canyon carver, but that’s not what people typically have in mind when they hear the words “Alfa Romeo Spider.”
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