Turning Milk Jugs into Halloween Spider Eggs

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Jay and Jaimie show you how to turn milk jugs into creepy spider egg sacs! It’s a fun and easy Halloween DIY to decorate your house and yard! 🕷🕸


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97 Days Until Halloween! 🎃 Giant spiders and spiderwebs are classic Halloween decorations, but nothing is more unnerving than seeing a cluster of spider eggs because you know that it’s home to hundreds of baby spiders. In this easy Halloween DIY, we show you how to take a plastic milk jug, some Christmas ornaments, and paint, and turn it into a gross, lumpy spider egg sack. It’s fun for the whole family!

These DIY halloween spider eggs are a super fun Halloween prop to make, they can be made in an afternoon, and would be a great addition to your 2022 Halloween haunted house!

Plastic milk jug or water jug
Recycled water bottles
Clear Christmas ornaments – 
Hot glue – 
White spray paint – 
Acrylic paints – 
Spiderweb – 
Spray adhesive (optional) – 
String lights (optional) – 

Hot glue gun –
Scissors – 
Chip brush – 

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Who are we?
We’re Jaimie and Jay! We’re a husband and wife team and we make stuff together. We help you make spooky and awesome halloween stuff.


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