Okay okay okay okay Oh my go away go why that girl Let us try something a little bit Different today shall we I feel a little bit generous for my Tarantulas today okay don't judge How long has it been since we have done A watering my tarantulas video two Freaking years like super long so I Think today is the day that we try and Do another one with some Premium Water Yeah I got some of yarn Evian I don't Know how to pronounce it but I'm feeling A little bit generous for my tarantulas Today this is not cheap okay it's Expensive water and we are going to be Well we're just going to finish one Bottle okay one bottle we will choose Whichever tarantulas that deserve this And then we will yeah let's just give Them some some some nice mineral water Shall we so as with other watering Videos I will not be doing the the ones Where the tarantulas are not out so that Way there's there's no action I will Fill their water dishes as well but off Camera but for this video we will be Doing the ones where the Tarantulas out So you guys can see all right let's give This and and open There we go so like I've mentioned Before a lot of my tarantulas now are in Hiding because they have a much better Enclosure compared to what they were

Before in previous watering videos so Don't expect too much of action okay so This is my what is this this is my Accentus Korea geniculata let's see how She reacts if I take a water dish All right girl oh wow kicking hairs at Me kicking hairs wow not being defensive No no I mean not being yeah it is Defensive but a different kind of Defensive come on girl just from this First girl I'm already going to have Some very very itchy skin so So not looking forward to that Okay would you like some premium Premium Water yes you would Wow You you're gonna enjoy that okay so next Up we have got another I can't Discouragement Let's see can I have the water dish girl Please yeah yeah thank you let go there We go all right time to plot back the Water dish Oh kicking hairs is oh my God here so All flying around all right get some Premium Water How about this janikulata Oh my gosh that is this is going to be Super scary and I am not because she can Run up and attack me at any time Look at her oh no that's this is not Going to be good This is okay that's it girl go down oh Man this is this is really scary this is

The biggest Yannick that I have Okay can I get that wow okay Surprisingly she didn't run at me Oh my gosh oh my gosh no no no no no no No no no no Don't be a little oh my gosh okay can You please not be Don't be like this okay girl don't be Like this [Music] All right yeah You got your nice water Good girl this is my nandu Colorado Velosis the Brazilian black and white Let's see how she reacts when I take a Water dish Oh my God Okay sorry so that is the the first Oh the first defensive okay girl Calm down oh My gosh yup that's the OG watering video Reactions okay girl chill the freak out She was definitely not happy with me Taking a water dish man oh my gosh all Right you want some nice drinking water There you go okay so here's my grandma Stolla ringy I'm not sure how this girl Is going to react I think I think she'll Be fine because this girl's just not Aggressive at all yep There you go she's a very good girl here You go There you go girl Next up we have got a Serato gyrus

Marshali time to take out her water dish Oh Give me the water dish Give it to me oh my gosh straight you're Waiting man stretch lighting no go away Go oh my gosh You freaking can you hear stridulating Oh my Oh my gosh Let go Wow she is gripping onto the water dish Like no joke come on let me have it let Me have it [Music] Yeah okay Oh my oh my gosh this girl and now to Put it back There you go all right you were okay With me putting it back So far we have used about one third of Water here is a kilo brackets huahini The Asian oh my gosh okay okay she's Gone to the back she has gone to the Back over there so now we can take her Water dish and give it a nice wash all Right she's still at the back there so I Better Fill this up oh man I just wasted some Heavy on oh my gosh oh freshly malted Sesame Very beautiful let's see how this girl Reacts this is my lassiodoros striata Piece okay okay that's right run away Because

Oh she's acting oh my God she's actually In defense mode right now she is not Happy with us okay let's give her some Oh my gosh let's give it some water Oh my gosh just look at her She is not one happy camper okay we'll Leave her alone next up we've got a huge Huge emptiness pan for BTS emptiness Let's see can I have this please oh my Gosh okay he he is super huge this is The one that we've been pairing with my Female he is freaking huge man who is Not a happy camper it's this guy but you Can have nice water regardless Foreign Have you guys ever fed your tarantulas Given them like Avion let me know in the Comments below all right so this is a Lassiodora I think striat piece as well So let's see okay it doesn't want to Very nice does not react in any way This is my big painful BTS emptiness the Steely blue leg okay she is at her water Dish Oh my gosh okay let's see how she reacts To this Get this please All right goodbye girl stay in there I Really hope she's pregnant This is my formicktopus I I don't even Know I bought it as something else and The guy like yeah he labeled it as Something else oh my gosh okay okay Chill stay there

Don't come after me look at this species Spinner ants they're so big and like They're so sharp and long wow you see What I mean you guys why I never really Do these watering videos anymore because The Tarantulas they're pretty much Comfortable in these enclosures like Yeah you see they're going through their Burrows and all so really you're not Gonna get a lot of reactions but if you Guys still insist you guys want watering Videos I mean sure I can still do them For you but don't expect a lot of Reactions from the Tarantulas as Previous alright so since no more Tarantulas are actually out and about This will be the last one that we're Going to be doing today so this is my Very very unhappy OBT okay But the thing is we are probably not Going to get a lot of reactions as well Because she is over here and because the Water dishes over this side so she's not Gonna feel anything She felt something But yeah that is basically you want some Of you on here you want it yep there you Go that's your nice reaction you guys Okay okay okay okay sorry about that Girl Chill the freak out man chill chill okay So Guys that'll be it for today's watering Video If you guys enjoyed it make sure

You thumbs this video up I really hope It's still enjoyable and yeah she is not A happy camper today anyways guys I'll See you in the next video take care stay Safe and have a good one peace And so far we have used a little bit Over half of this Avion So yeah I think it was really worth it I Think you know I think for future Watching videos every time we do a Watering video we will get a different Water different kind of water to mix Things up a little yeah you think you Think that would be a good idea yeah I Think so so yeah stay tuned for future Watering videos