Weird Truth of the Spider-Man Multiverse [Totems]

Puffy Lux

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The multiverse is a wild place and as a Spider-Totem, Spider-Man has a huge role to play in it.

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Fredy Benitez, The Brain Teaser, Bonnie Davies, Tyler Kowalchuk, Senita Mahoney, Jonathan & Megan Pierson, Cody Plourde, David Adler, Milton Appling, Fredy Benitez, Ralph Braganzan, Ethan Dannen, Yoav Haimovitz, Stephen I., LookWhosFhtagn, Ben Payne, Casper Qvortrup, Andrew Shaffer, Talentless Hack, Vydal

Edited by Troyoboyo17

Tags: #SpiderMan #Marvel #SpiderVerse

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