What If Giant Spiders Occupied Your City One Day

Puffy Lux

Do you like absurd hypothetical questions? Here’s one them. What if giant spiders occupied your city? Picture this: You wake up and switch on the TV. It’s yakking in the background while you go on with your morning routine. A news program’s on, and you hear the presenter talking about giant spiders, city authorities, and invasion, while you burn your toast. It sounds too sci-fi, and you don’t pay it too much attention. They’re probably talking about a new action movie.

An hour later, you get into your car and switch on the radio. The reception is surprisingly weak, and you can only catch separate words: “…spiders… caution… unprecedented… be careful… at home until…” You start to feel nervous – what danger are they warning about? You’re driving through your neighborhood, heading for the downtown. But just as you’re about to turn into the main road, your foot hits the brakes while your mind goes blank…


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