What if SPIDER-VERSE Characters Were DINOSAURS?! (Stories & Speedpaint)

Puffy Lux

As voted on by all of you, it’s time to turn some famous Spider-man characters into Dinosaurs! Champagne McGreggor, the perpetually irritated Dinosaur Geneticist returns to take your request based on the poll results and as you might expect, he’s not thrilled about it, but he’s at least using characters from his favourite movie, Spider-man Into the Spider-verse.

Even though Spider-man No way Home had its first epic trailer I decided, for now, to go with the animated Spider-verse characters, just cuz I haven’t used them as much on the channel. So for this episode, I turn Miles Morales Spider-man into a sort of dilophosaurus, Prowler into a Saber Tooth Tiger, Spider-Ham into a Triceratops and Spider-Gwen into a Velociraptor.

Had fun with all the drawings, but even more fun with the voice. Hope you all enjoy! What if SPIDER-VERSE Characters Were DINOSAURS?! (Stories & Speedpaint)

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